Neighboring subdivisions to Camelot in Camden County say their roads are fine

The Camden County Commission office was crowded on Tuesday morning when residents included in the proposed Camelot Special Road District but not Camelot residents showed up in full force to discuss the proposed formation of the district.

"I think the purpose of today, however is not to spend all day pointing fingers but to find out how to get the homeowners association and section 12 removed from that special road district," Bill Seib, president of View Point Homeowners Association said.

All three commissioners, Kris Franken, Bev Thomas and Cliff Luber welcomed ten residents from bordering developments to Camelot Tuesday morning. Those present represented developments including Tuscany, Trinity Point, the Shores of Camelot and View Point.

"None of us live in Camelot. We don't think we should be the ones paying for it. We think it should be the people living in Camelot or we should be invited into the story," Seib said. "Most of us feel like our roads are up to par or we have funds set a side to take care of our roads."

Most of the discussion revolved around the lack of advertising of the proposed district and the misrepresentation of the facts by the Camelot Homeowners Association. In minutes posted on Camelot's Homeowner Association's website, the idea of a special road district was discussed as early as Oct. 2012.

After receiving the 50 signatures needed to place the issue on the April ballot, a few members of the Camelot Homeowners Association presented the plan to the County Commission. A map was taken to the commission that included the Camelot Sewer District and areas immediately around it.

The other developments included in the special road district claim that they were not told of the ballot issue and when they asked questions at a public meeting, they were asked to leave. They also said that they were informed about a possible hike in real estate property tax but were not told of a tax on personal property which is included in the proposed issue.

The residents asked the commission what could be done.

"It's our job after the ballot is done," Presiding Commissioner Kris Franken said. "The easiest way to defeat this is at the ballot box."

Franken feels as if the commissioners' hands are tied until the election is over. If the ballot issue does not get voted in, then it is done. If it does get voted in, the commission agreed to step in and do what needs to be done to resolve this issue.

"We are going to be a part of the solution," Franken said.

"No question it was unethical," Commissioner Bev Thomas said.

The Camelot Special Road District will be on the ballot of the April 2 election.