"In order to form a more perfect union" should be the mantra for every elected official in America. Societies are not judged by how wealthy or well off their top two percent of citizens are.

 "In order to form a more perfect union" should be the mantra for every elected official in America. Societies are not judged by how wealthy or well off their top two percent of citizens are. Countries and their societies are judged by how the majority of their citizens are getting along. If a majority of a country's folks are simply subsisting, the world (rightly so) considers that society a failure. A country gains respect in the world by how they provide for the, "Have nots" and the least fortunate in that society.

 America is experiencing an ever increasing gap between the "Have nots" and the wealthy. The middle class is shrinking at an alarming rate. One side of the political debates continually seeks to improve the live's of the poor, the working class, seniors, the disabled, the sick, students and America's middle class. The Democrats, Progressives and the Liberals are in the business of providing more and allowing ever increasing rights to the people. The other side of the political debate seems content with denying rights and simply protecting the obscene wealth of only two percent of this nation's citizens. If given the chance the Republican Right would deny free or affordable healthcare to 98% of their fellow Americans. They continually push to overturn a woman's right to an abortion which was granted to them by the Supreme Court's ruling of "Rowe Vs. Wade." Conservatives would deny the right of two people in love to marry one another. Republicans wish that the middle class be taxed at a higher rate than those earning over $250, 000 per year. The Right will (if given the chance) decrees the amount of student loans, decrees the number of teachers, decrees the amount for programs like Head Start or the national free breakfast / free lunch programs for poor children. The Republicans are always willing to cut spending to those programs that benefit 98% of Americans, at the very same time they are unwilling to ask any concessions from the wealthiest 2% of Americans, big business or huge corporations.

 Medicine run for profit is a very bad idea. This is not simply a question of profit or loss, what we are dealing with here are the very lives of Americans. Nearly every industrialized country in the world provides free and affordable healthcare to their people. Contrary to all the hype, their healthcare systems work perfectly fine and to claim otherwise is simply a lie. In some of these countries doctors perform house calls, they provide free daycare to working parents, they work 35 hour weeks and are guaranteed at least five paid weeks of vacation per year. Those countries with free healthcare practice more in the way of preventive care and it pays off with nearly all of these country's citizens living longer, healthier lives than do we Americans.

 Instead of trying to make it more difficult for folks to vote, we should be encouraging more Americans to vote. Instead of trying to deny more rights, we should be presenting America with more rights. Government should not concentrate on making life better for only the wealthiest 2%, but make it better for the 98% majority struggling to get ahead in America. Providing for the 98% of Americans should not be looked at as an unnecessary expense, but what it truly is, as an investment in America's future. Cutting programs for the people is not, "Patriotic" it is poor management of America's vast resources.

 Americans do not exist to guarantee that the rich get richer, we are here to provide for our families, to make sure that all Americans have the chance to work, go to school and prosper to the best of our abilities. The American people are not looking for a, "Hand out", we do however demand a "Hand up" from our lawmakers and government. I say that America has yet to form a perfect union... but we could. I say that America has the spirit, the talent and the will to do better for all her people. The question simply begs, are we willing to make the changes necessary to be the best country in the world?