The government, ever growing and ever meddling deeper into our lives, passed a ban on assault weapons several years ago. They dropped it when it became clear that this law had absolutely no effect on crime.

*Editor’s note: This opinion is in response to a lake view titled “Assault weapon ownership not a civil liberty” by Eric Reeve published in the Monday, March 18 Lake Sun.

Well, Eric as usual, I completely disagree with you.  Let’s take a look at history from this side of the view.  The government, ever growing and ever meddling deeper into our lives, passed a ban on assault weapons several years ago.  They dropped it when it became clear that this law had absolutely no effect on crime.  What makes passing another law any more effective against criminals?  All this does is add one more law against law-abiding citizens.  Nothing more.

 What every liberal, you included, overlooks are the individuals who have committed these horrific crimes were already breaking the law.  In fact, most of them had broken a number of laws before a single shot was fired.  Not a single liberal has been able to tell me how making yet one more law that will be completely ignored by every gun toting criminal in America will help this situation.  They all fall back on the lame quote “if it would save just one life…..” 

Really?  Why don’t we impose restrictions on driving over 25 mph?  That would save hundreds of lives?  Why don’t we mandate breathalyzers in every auto?  That would save hundreds or thousands of lives.  Why don’t we make a law against going outside in the sun without full body coverage in the summertime, wouldn’t that save lives (from death by skin cancer).  These are all equally ridiculous rules, and I put the assault weapon ban in the same category.  I would, in fact, argue that breathalyzers in autos will save far more lives than an assault weapon ban.

 Fact:  None of these monsters were worried about the law.  None of them cared that they were breaking numerous laws.  In fact they chose areas where they figured they would meet little, if any, resistance from armed civilians.  Banning assault weapons, being possessed by private civilians serves no purpose at all.  Banning large capacity magazines, same thing.  It clearly demonstrates the fact that liberals are taking the opportunity to exploit the heinous crimes against children to further their liberal agenda.  I find it disappointing and disgusting. 

And what is even more ironic about this whole issue is our government is letting criminals go every day (early release from prison), because they can’t afford to keep them.  The government  is on record as indicating they will be releasing thousands of illegal immigrants back into population because the government can’t effectively manage the millions, no billions of dollars it currently sucks out of the taxpayers.  And the liberals want to add one more worthless law to the books?

 You know, everyone overlooks the fact that 99% of these legally purchased assault rifles are used in sporting events (no one carries them, you’ll never see one being carried over the shoulder of Joe the Plumber while he’s at Lowes). The people who own them are quite proud of them and take great care to insure they don’t fall into the hands of the wrong people.  Can our federal government say the same thing?  Nope.  How many American border guards, and innocent people, have died at the wrong end of assault rifles provided to Mexican drug cartels by our federal government?  Ever hear of Fast and Furious?  Will these same  laws being imposed on private citizens be imposed on the likes of Eric ‘The Snake’ Holder (a liberal I might add)? Are we to assume they (DOJ) will take the time to make sure all of these Drug Cartel gun runners have filled out the proper paperwork and submitted to a background check prior to handing them cases of fully automatic weapons, extended magazines, and thousands of rounds of ammunition? 

 I am 100% behind an effort to solve these types of problems.  But I am 100% opposed to additional worthless laws being imposed on innocent,  law abiding citizens.  I will vote against any legislator, regardless of party, who supports such a gun ban.  It is time for everyone to wake up and look at the whole picture.  (By the way, Eric Holder suffered no punishment for the deaths of American Border Guards who died at the hands of Cartel members who used guns provided by the DOJ.)  Maybe the Liberals could rally their efforts to insure the fed­­eral government lives within the laws it imposes on American taxpaying, law abiding citizens.