It seems that there is a lack of knowledge as to what the school board member’s job is while holding the position.

*Editor’s note: This opinion is in response to a lake view titled “Former members concerned with school board direction” by former Camdenton R-III school board members published in the Wednesday, March 20 Lake Sun.

It seems that there is a lack of knowledge as to what the school board member’s job is while holding the position.

We have now heard from [Lake Media publisher] John Tucker and all the former school board members who are coming out to say what is wrong and pointing fingers but in reality are the three members they allude to wrong?

The job of a school board is to oversee the budget. They make decisions to renew contracts for all the staff. They look at how well certain departments used the funds given and whether or not the district received the services that were paid for in the manner they think appropriate.

They are also responsible to the parents as to whether they have done this job. Because the most important aspect is that they represent the public (the public, meaning all the citizens in Camden County who are in the district, whether they have children in the school system or not) . Not just the administration.

We had four board members vote for the Race to the Top grant when they knew it was not finished. [They] are guilty of not protecting the citizens of the Camdenton school district. This was a major Pelosi moment within the school board. How could they honestly claim to be voting in the best interest of the district when they did not even know what they were voting for? But yet, to read what Tucker had to say, they should have just gone along. Now we have all the former board members jumping on the band wagon. Are we to assume that they think it’s OK to vote for unfinished grants as well. Is that how Camdenton school district has been run in the past?

Makes me wonder how well respresented we were when they were in office.

Did they realize that we had one board member make it a part of his arguement for pursuing the RTTT grant that we should go after the free money.

Is that the mentality we want to promote? When I see who signed the last letter, I would be shocked if they had that mentality. Most of them are in business for themselves and they sure would not run their businesses with that mentality.

The opposition within the school board boils down to one thing. There is old school politics going on. We have members who are not satisfied with the old school way. They are not willing to just go along. They ask questions, which by the way they are supposed to do. They take their positions seriously — acting in the manner of a school board member. Verifying information is important, as well as informing the public of issues that are being talked about such as RTTT and the ACLU lawsuit. We as the public had a right to know and we had a right to expect that the school board would act with in the best interest of their constituents. They did.