The Village of Four Seasons says it encourages recycling not only within the Village boundaries but also on Horseshoe Bend. However, the trustees have not nor will they endorse a particular company to do so.

The Village of Four Seasons says it encourages recycling not only within the Village boundaries but also on Horseshoe Bend. However, the trustees have not nor will they endorse a particular company to do so.

That was the message they conveyed to the public during the trustees’ regular monthly meeting Wednesday evening.

Trustee Carolyn Loraine said there has been some misunderstanding since representatives of two companies ― Allied Waste and WCA ― presented information about their recycling programs at the January Village meeting.

“We asked the two companies to give presentations, and we were doing that for informational purposes only,” Loraine explained. “We weren’t endorsing any company.”

The intent of inviting two local waste/recycling companies to the January board meeting was to emphasize the importance of recycling and to help inform Village and Horseshoe Bend residents that recycling is available.

Each company has its own policies, so residents interested in recycling are encouraged to contact either WCA or Allied Waste, or any other company that provides recycling services.

Both companies are interested in providing the service and currently have some customers on Horseshoe Bend. Most of their waste and recycling customers are in Camdenton, Osage Beach and Lake Ozark.

A stumbling block to more efficient recycling could be rules imposed by the Four Seasons Property Owners Association which has authority over some of Village and other parts of Horseshoe Bend.

The POA has minimum size requirements for enclosed structures that hold the containers (not large enough for two containers), and also does not allow waste or recycling containers to sit outside the structures along the curbside more than 24 hours. Recycling requires two containers – one for waste and one for recycled materials. Second homeowners who leave for several days are sometimes unable to return their containers to their households in that amount of time, and could face letters of reprimand from the POA.

A POA representative at the meeting said the POA is asking POA residents for feedback on the recycling issue as it relates to waste and recycling container restrictions.

“You’ll need to work with the POA because they have restrictive covenants,” Trustee Chairman Gordon Ellison told recycling representatives.

Lorain, a strong proponent of recycling, said “recycling is so important. People are interested in doing their part. It’s very wasteful to throw things away that could be recycled.”

Emergency Preparedness

Trustees approved the purchase of a portable generator for the Village’s emergency preparedness trailer. The generator would provide enough power to supply the trailer with lights, air conditioning and some external power.

Cost of the generator is $439 and was purchased from Menard’s.

The trailer is partially furnished with emergency supplies basically ready for any type of disaster that might impact the Village.

Ranita Jones, who has been instrumental in pushing the emergency preparedness concept on Horseshoe Bend, told the board there will be a preparedness meeting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 18, at Christ the King Church. She hopes to continue to emphasize the importance of being prepared.

Dedication Plaque

The board also voted to investigate the cost of erecting two dedication-type plaques to reflect some of the Village’s history. One plaque would be near the entrance to the Village Hall with the names of the original board, when the village was formed, when the hall was built, etc. The second plaque would be near the entrance to the recently completed meeting hall with names of current board members and additional history.

Other business

The trustees will discuss at their next meeting approval of a bill for work that was done without their authority or knowledge.

Materials for a chair rail were purchased and painted at the request of building official Robert Davis. However, City Clerk Tom Laird didn’t learn about the project until after it had been completed.

The new addition is nearly complete, though window treatments and closet furnishing have yet to be purchased when funding is available. A podium and coffee nook were added recently.