The House of Representative went home for the weekend only hours before the Senate did the same last week.

*Editor’s Note: This opinion is in response to a Lake View titled “By all means, take a break,” by Eric Reeve published in the March 4 Lake Sun.

The House of Representative went home for the weekend only hours before the Senate did the same last week. This is apparently of singular importance to you Mr. Reeve. Congress and the President have had months to consider sequestration, but you find last Thursday to be significant. Well, if that's the case you must be seriously upset with the President, because he has been, "out of town" on a regular basis. He's been giving speeches (how many now, 17-18?) around the country about the dire consequences of sequester, rather than remaining in Washington to help fix the problem.

You must know by now that sequester was the President's idea, even though he denied it during the campaign debate. Generally speaking when someone has an idea that involves a deadline, he will also have a "what if plan," i.e. a plan "B," in case things don't go as anticipated. This President doesn't seem to have even a plan "C" available, except that is, to go around making speeches and asking for tax increases.    

    You, Mr. Reeve, like Obama have spent a lot of time raving about the Republicans and their "rich buddies." One of the characters that helped mastermind the sequestration policy with Obama is a gentleman named Jack Lew.

You may know him as having been President Obama's chief of staff. He is now of course Mr. Obama's choice for Treasury secretary. Guess what Mr. Lew did before that? Well sir, he was an executive with Citibank and associated with the Cayman Islands. Surely you remember all those complaints about Romney and his off shore involvements. Lew received almost a million dollar payout from Citigroup (no doubt for clever ideas like sequester) just before the bank went to Washington to ask for a bailout. Sound familiar Mr. Reeve? Actually most of the Obama staff has been composed of "connected" guys. Check out Rahm Emanuel in your spare time.

You have evidently concluded from a poll that a majority of the population supports Obama's economic measures. That's not been my experience. True, the citizenry is finally becoming more interested in the federal deficit but it is not enamored of  this administration's handling of the situation. Bear in mind that in the recent weeks, prominent elected Democrats have been proclaiming, "we don't have a spending problem." 

As far as popularity is concerned, I'll bet you that Barack Obama's is diminished as a result of his poor and alarmist handling of the matter of sequestration.