The city of Osage Beach continues to work toward making its city park one of the premier recreation areas in the area.

The city of Osage Beach continues to work toward making its city park one of the premier recreation areas in the area.

The board of aldermen last week authorized the city administrator to work with vendors in erecting display advertising at the park. Previously, the city administrator was required to bring each contract to the board for its consideration, but the new ordinance gives the city administrator authority to quickly make that decision.

No spending of public money is involved, and the city administrator will be allowed to receive money in exchange for allowing the placement of advertising as per city specifications.

The city park off Osage Beach Parkway has become a popular area in recent years for softball and soccer competition, fishing and other family-oriented recreation. As a result, vendors are anxious to get their names in front of the public.

Sewer materials

The board also authorized the use of HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe for the wastewater system.

The Public Works Department has used HDPE pipe, and the sewer department wants contractors to be able to use the pipe in applications smaller than 2 inches. The decision would not require contractors to use the pipe, but would be an additional option.

Delinquent licenses

The board decided to crack down on overdue liquor and business license renewals by adding penalties.

A penalty has been discussed previously, and the city collector made the recommendation to encourage the timely renewal of both liquor and business licenses.

City authorities have the authority to halt the sale of liquor in businesses with expired licenses. Upon renewal of a delinquent license, the city can charge a late fee of $100 if a license is 30 days delinquent; $200 for 60 days delinquent; and $300 for 90 days delinquent.

Regarding business license renewals, any license fee 30 days after it becomes due is subject to a 5 percent penalty on the amount due, with an additional 5 percent for each additional month overdue.

Gov. Jay Nixon signed House Bill 1504 which establishes a maximum amount that can be collected.

Street work

The board authorized the mayor to sign a contract with Strait-Line Construction of Lake Ozark in the amount of $95,928.15 for replacing asphalt in the Red Bud/Osage Beach Parkway intersection with concrete paving.

Other bids were KA Berendzen Construction, Jefferson City, $123,611.72; Travis Hodge Hauling, Lake Ozark, $108,443; Concrete Engineering, Jefferson City, $139,975; Stockman Construction Corp., Jefferson City, $142,720; and Hutchins Telecom, Belle, $117,116.

Other business

The board also approved advertising for sale a 2000 Chevrolet 2500 regular cab truck on a first-come, first-served basis.

The city attempted to sell the truck on eBay, but two offers failed to follow through with payment. The truck is being offered locally for $3,300 and also will be advertising on Craigslist.

The board approved the lone bid of $120,122 from Municipal Equipment for ABS grinder pumps. Bids were sent to seven vendors, but only Municipal Equipment Co. of St. Louis responded.