The House of Representatives in Washington recessed last Thursday so that each member might take advantage of a long weekend.

The House of Representatives in Washington recessed last Thursday so that each member might take advantage of a long weekend. By all means, take a break from all of your hard work, it's not as if there is any pressing or important business which needs tending to for the country. Relax, take it easy after all of your hard work and excellent bipartisanship. It is truly heartwarming and the source of great pride for America to have such excellent lawmakers in Washington putting petty politics aside for the good of the people. At least the Senate was in session on Friday to watch the clock tick down to the point where the irresponsible sequester cuts were mandated.

The Secretary of Defense has gone on record stating that these automatic steep cuts to our military will put our country at risk. The Secretary of Education has now also gone on record stating that the mandated sequester cuts to education will harm our children's education. The Secretary of Housing has stated publicly that poor people and senior citizens will be affected adversely by the financial cuts mandated by the sequester. The Secretary of Health and Human Services has warned that these mandated financial cuts might "possibly" jeopardize the health of some sick Americans." The Transportation and Safety Secretary has stated that if the sequestered cuts become a reality, air traffic controllers will be furloughed and some airports will lose air traffic controllers completely (closing some of America's airports down).

Now the nation can see for itself what the Republicans are actually willing to put their fellow Americans through so that their buddies, the rich folks, the huge corporations, big business and monstrous conglomerates might continue to avoid paying their fair share.

The Republicans are willing to put this nation in potential danger militarily. They will not bat an eye as they intentionally harm our children's education, make some folks homeless, put poor people's healthcare at risk and furlough vital air traffic controllers that safeguard our skies. All of this and for what, so that 2% of the richest Americans can keep more of their wealth?

These politicians have lost their sense of purpose. They have forgotten their responsibility to this nation and ALL Americans. Recently a Wall Street Journal Poll overwhelmingly showed that a vast majority of Americans favor the Democratic and the presidential plan of Obama's for the economic recovery for the country.

As if the president's re-election wasn't evidence enough for the Republicans, this poll reflected that 73% of Americans supported increasing the income side of the Deficit problem by taxing the wealthy and combining that with fair/equitable spending cuts. If the Republican Party thinks that the poor, the middle class, seniors, students, the sick, the homeless, minorities, working women, single mothers, the working class and 98% of Americans are going to shoulder all of the deficit problem alone... they are simply delusional.

I say that the Republican Congress caused this mess by not bending to the will of the majority of Americans. The Republican Party has acted unconscionably by harming this country unnecessarily.

I think that every Republican should be ashamed of this complete mockery of democracy, government for the people and by the people. Folks want action and I dare say they will remember what the Republican Party has done to this nation by voting against Republican candidates in future elections. Republicans, you created this mess and now this nation demands you straighten all of this out... PRONTO!