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Fort Leonard Wood: Proud Pulaski County Partner
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By Pulaski County USA
Come on down to Pulaski County USA located in America’s Heartland! Pulaski County is home to Fort Leonard Wood, which for the longest time was nicknamed Fort Lost in the Woods. We may have that small town feel, but we are growing and trying to lose ...
No Longer Lost in the Woods: Pulaski County USA
Come on down to Pulaski County USA located in America’s Heartland! Pulaski County is home to Fort Leonard Wood, which for the longest time was nicknamed Fort Lost in the Woods. We may have that small town feel, but we are growing and trying to lose that “lost” image! Join us every Thursday as we publish a new blog about all of the fun and exciting things we have to do in our unique little spot in Missouri!

Whether you are planning a family vacation, girls getaway, man-cation, attending a military graduation, or just passing by…we guarantee you will love it here! Our rich history and outdoorsy atmosphere makes for great adventures! Visit one of five Museums in the county, travel Route 66 and explore 33 original miles of the Mother Road, cool down on a fun float trip along the Big Piney and Gasconade Rivers, fly fish in the Roubidoux our award winning trout stream, go scuba diving in our nationally recognized underwater cave or take an elevator up to the only restaurant in a cave in the world! We don’t lack on fun and interesting activities in our neck of the woods, so be sure to follow our blog and maybe you’ll want to come visit us some day! Hope to see ya soon!
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With its main gate bordering St. Robert, and the west gate bordering Waynesville, Ft. Leonard Wood has become both an integral part of Pulaski County and an active supporter of the surrounding communities. Since its construction in late 1940, the post has become renowned for state-of-the-art training and support of national defense and has served as the launching point for millions of military careers. Fort Leonard Wood has rapidly grown as a training center, as a community, and as a partner with Pulaski County.
Main Gate, Fort Leonard Wood

Main Gate, Fort Leonard Wood

The post is home to the Engineer, Chemical, and Military Police Corps training school as well as personnel from all branches of the U.S. Military. In fact, the largest Marine detachment not stationed at a Marine base, is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood. The post is also home to the U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center (MANSCEN), which develops concepts, doctrine, force structure and material requirements to ensure the vitality of the Engineer, Chemical and Military Police schools. Construction for the post began in December 1940 and, by the following May, the complex already had 1,600 temporary buildings. Its original mission as a basic training center began in World War II when five infantry divisions prepared for battle here. Additionally, over 5,000 POWs were detained here to work in agriculture and construction. Since World War II, Fort Leonard Wood has had units and personnel activated for every major U.S. military action.
Soldiers at Ft. Leonard Wood

Soldiers at Ft. Leonard Wood

Fort Leonard Wood leads the way to the future while preserving the proud history of the U.S. military. Fort Leonard Wood is home to museums, memorials and historic attractions that stir patriotism in all of us.
Perhaps the most prominent is the John B. Mahaffey Museum Complex. Attracting over 125,000 visitors each year, the complex houses museums dedicated to preserving the history of Fort Leonard Wood, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Military Police Corps, and the Chemical Corps. The museums combine vivid, life-size exhibits and authentic relics, including old weaponry, documents, vehicles, and tools from all American military conflicts.
Military Museums, Ft. Leonard Wood

Military Museums, Ft. Leonard Wood

The Fort Leonard Wood Museum captivates visitors at its outdoor World War II Compound. The compound is a grouping of original barracks built from December 1940 through May 1941. Designed to be temporary structures, the buildings were built at a rate of one every 45 minutes. The museum also shows descriptions of life on the post dating back to the early 1940s. Additionally, the museum pays tribute the career of the post’s namesake, General Leonard Wood, whose career highlights include being the first commander of the Rough Riders (yep, he’s Theodore Roosevelt’s predecessor) and his appointment as the Army Chief of Staff.
Some of Fort Leonard Wood’s most popular sites are highlighted in Pulaski County USA’s Self Guided Driving Tour Brochure. Several buildings along the tour date back to the origins of Fort Leonard Wood and contain interesting bits of history. The Black Officer’s Club was built in 1941 and houses a restored mural that was painted by SSG Samuel Countee in 1945. Another structural highlight is the Rolling Heath Schoolhouse which dates back to 1912.
The Piney Valley Golf Course promises a challenging game of golf against the beautiful Piney Valley landscape.

To learn more about lodging & accommodations, and things to do near Ft. Leonard Wood visit www.PulaskiCountyUSA.com or call 877-858-8687 to request your complimentary Visitors Guide.

To learn more about Pulaski County USA’s complimentary services for Military Reunion Planners and Receptive and Group Tour Operators contact Karen Hood at 877-858-8687 or karenh@pulaskicountyusa.com   

Graduation Ceremonies are held throughout the year

Graduation Ceremonies are held throughout the year

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