Improvements in Lake Ozark's wastewater treatment system to meet a court-ordered consent judgment will be back on track this spring, according to the engineering company contracted to do the work.

Improvements in Lake Ozark's wastewater treatment system to meet a court-ordered consent judgment will be back on track this spring, according to the engineering company contracted to do the work.

Jeff Schug with McClure Engineering told the board of aldermen Tuesday night that the project will ramp up soon. The final phase of the estimated $3 million project will be bid in May with manhole work planned first, and pump lift station work to follow.

McClure has led Lake Ozark through a maze of paperwork, project bidding and protocol to help the city meet obligations handed down by a district court consent judgment after a major sewage spill in 2007.

The spill, which was reported but never treated, led to a $50,000 fine and orders to repair the wastewater treatment system. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has worked with the city and McClure in mapping out the process.

To help pay for the work, the city about a year ago raised sewer rates $2.50 a month and then most recently approved a quarter-cent sales tax hike to pay for the balance.

St. Patrick's Parade

The board approved a Special Event Permit for the 29th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade Saturday, March 16, along Bagnell Dam Blvd. The parade will start at 1 p.m.

The request by the Bagnell Dam Strip Association to line up the parade along Bagnell Dam Blvd. drew some discussion about how parades will be lined up in the future. Mike Page of the BDSA said the parade has grown so large and popular that there might not be enough room on The Strip for all of the people.

The push from the board has been for parades to line up on Rt. 242 first before turning east on Bagnell Dam Blvd. Traffic jams at Horseshoe Bend Parkway and Bagnell Dam Blvd. have been a problem for several years when parades lined up along Bagnell Dam Blvd.

Alderman Larry Buschjost said he favors a resolution that requires all parades to line up on Rt. 242 beginning later this year.

Parade organizers have said over the years that businesses along Bagnell Dam Blvd. often benefit from the throngs of people who park along the parade route.

In a related item, the board this week approved a special Caterer's Permit for JB Hooks for March 16. The popular restaurant/bar is one of the businesses that would be impacted if the parade route was changed to Rt. 242.

Eagles’ Landing CID

The board approved a resolution setting a public hearing for 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 26, on a request by Eagles’ Landing to form a Community Improvement District within the retail development. The CID would generate a 1 percent sales tax on purchases within the proposed CID to fund $19.8 million in projects including public improvements.

The CID contains a five-year plan that includes:

•Acquisition, demolition, sitework, buildings, water and sewer, public road improvements and other associated fees and management costs.


Lake Ozark's street crew was praised by board members and by at least two citizens for quickly and efficiently handling the last two snow events.

Ron Lundstrom and Laura Edwards, Lake Ozark residents and regular attendees at the board of aldermen meetings, each had kind words for the city's snow removal effort.

Lundstrom also said the city administration deserves a pat on the back for making funds available to keep the city's equipment in top shape. He recalled an incident a few years ago when broken down equipment caused snow removal problems.

"It's great now that we have good equipment," he said. "That hasn't always been the case."

He also complimented Police Chief Mark Maples who assumed the law enforcement role on the CADV board when Osage Beach Police Chief Dave Severson died last year.

Lundstrom said Maples has been instrumental in helping the CADV, especially during the transition to its new facility.

"I appreciate the hard work. He's done a great job," Lundstrom said.

Officer shift

Aldermen approved Chief Maples' request to bring a new officer onto the force about a month ahead of schedule. The department was to have an officer in April, but Maples wanted about 30 days to train someone before the season picks up.

"This wasn't budgeted until April 1, but the number of events coming up are such that I'll need time to get him trained," Maples explained.

There will be other changes in the reserve unit as well to prepare for a busy season.

Other business

The board also approved Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos' appointment of Bob Studt to replace Moran Rice on the TIF Commission, and to reappoint Tony Otto and Gerry Murawski to the commission.