CADV is looking for other local artists to help cover the bare walls in the new shelter.

Payton Fiene recently created a work of art that is now hanging in the new Citizens Against Domestic Violence [CADV] shelter. CADV is looking for other local artists to help cover the bare walls in the new shelter. Residents that are interested in donating an art piece, can contact Angie Fiene at 573-346-9630.

What gave you the idea to create this piece of art and do you plan to create more works of art?

I look at different books and sites and I just got inspired to create something new. Yes, I love making new ones and putting different quotes or pictures. I'm going to start changing things around and making it different.

Are you an aspiring artist?

No, I just draw to express how I feel. When I was in Hollywood during the summer for an acting class, I was fascinated by graffiti. I just try to Create everything by what I believe in.

What are your plans for the future?

Well I just recently made a new piece of work that I am giving to the Camdenton Robotics art auction and its very exciting that people will be biding on my piece of art work. I just love the fact that I can express myself on a little canvas and then who ever sees it, it will affect their day. So I want someone to see my art and then as they go throughout their day they pass my quote on to another person, so it's kind of like a cycle of people uplifting other people's spirits.

Are you proud of your mom and her work at CADV?

I'm astonished at how amazing my mother is. We have our ups and downs but she is so inspiring. I grew up going to work with her and being at CADV during the day and it didn't affect me like how it does now. My mom has a lot of pressure on her with the new building. It was a success though and I'm so proud of her for getting through it.