Once again one of our Missouri politicians has introduced Intelligent Design legislation to the Missouri state house and senate for consideration.

Once again one of our Missouri politicians has introduced Intelligent Design legislation to the Missouri state house and senate for consideration. The crux of the bill calls for all of Missouri's schools to devote equal textbook space to the Bible-based, "Intelligent Design' theory as is currently given the scientific evolution theory. The bill also calls for teachers to provide for equal time to both explanations for the origins of man, the earth, all living things and the universe in Missouri's classrooms.

Clearly the author of the bill chooses to ignore the wishes of a vast majority of Missourians/Americans for the separation of church and state. He discounts the overwhelming costs involved in changing all of Missouri's current textbooks to accommodate a new mandate to teach Intelligent Design in our schools. The gentleman has decided to turn a blind eye to the fact that nearly the exact same bill by another Missouri lawmaker was defeated in the very recent past. This lawmaker is uninterested in the religious beliefs/rights of other cultures whom practice non-Christian religions. By his logic, every religion would also have the right to have their own religious explanations for the creation of everything to be represented in school rooms and textbooks.

I doubt very much that this lawmaker cares about the incompatibility of Intelligent Design with truth, logic, basic common sense or scientific fact. The very first, the most basic premise of Intelligent Design states that the earth is only 4,000 to 7,000 years old. This suggestion that the earth is only thousands of years old has been proven incorrect by the fossil record and carbon dating of material on earth which is without a doubt millions of years old. Since we know that Intelligent Design is based on such drastically wrong information at its very core, then we can easily dismiss everything in the theory as being flawed from the get-go.

There is a Bible-based museum in Camdenton which I am told suggests humans were interacting with dinosaurs. There is another huge Intelligent Design museum located in another part of the country which actually displays a dinosaur with a saddle upon its back. Of course the fossil record and carbon dating definitively shows the dinosaurs having died out prior to Neanderthal or Homo Erectus roaming the earth.

This has been scientifically proven as fact and as further proof the Bible doesn't mention anywhere within its text the co-existence of early man and dinosaurs. The very fact there are fossil remains of early man in the form of Neanderthal flies in the face of Intelligent Design and its core belief in the existence of Adam or Eve being designed by God as the first humans on earth.

Every time religion has involved itself in the affairs of state it has turned out badly. The Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witchcraft Trials, the war of the Catholics/Protestants in Ireland (just to name a few) and many other instances throughout history. The Bible was never intended to be a scientific textbook and whenever it is used to explain scientific questions, it fails at even the most rudimentary level.

Introducing a bill which would force Missouri schools to teach Intelligent Design as a plausible explanation for the creation of earth and man is simply ludicrous. I say this is just another thinly veiled attempt at introducing the Bible and Christianity into our public schools through the back door. I say that folks have the right to their own religious beliefs and the right to practice their brand of religion. Folks do not have the right to teach Intelligent Design or their individual religious beliefs in our public schools.