I must admit reading [the Lake View] made me a little curious. First of all you begin by pointing out that your comments are spurred by certain programs which you happen upon while "mindlessly" watching television.

*Editor’s Note: This opinion is in response a Lake view written by Eric Reeve titled “The Right Has Accomplished Their Mission,” published in the Feb. 4 Lake Sun.

I must admit reading [the Lake View] made me a little curious. First of all you begin by pointing out that your comments are spurred by certain programs which you happen upon while "mindlessly" watching television. It is none of my business, but I would suggest that if you find yourself arriving at conclusions on politics (or any other subject), based upon things you observe on reality television shows, you might want to rethink the matter or at least give some attention to the "mindless" aspect of your viewing.

You refer to "feeling sorry for all those mostly right winged, (they have wings?) conservative folks who are so frightened that they devote their lives to actually being frightened." You say ‘mostly’ when referring to these people, that implies there are others, who might these be... and do you happen to know how many there are? Are they another movement? Anyway, according to you, most of these people are evidently frightened not only by our government, but also Muslims, Mexicans, germs, the sun, electricity, and "by nearly everything you could ever imagine and then some." Whew? That's a bunch of fears, but with your permission I would like to take a look at a few for clarification purposes.

Government: I think if you want a sizeable example of scare tactics you might take a look at President Obama's reelection campaign. After all it was for the most part based on fear because he was unable to run on his record. Did you forget pushing granny off the cliff? Don't you remember Rahm Emanuel saying "never let a crisis go to waste?" Conservatives I know aren't afraid of government, they're concerned about bad government, regardless of the party. I guess I'd be more afraid of what the government didn't do had I a relative working in a consulate in Libya. Do you remember the Dem. primary of 2008, when Hillary and Barack were jousting over who was better able to handle that 3 a.m. phone call. In the case of Benghazi, the calls from the consulate to Washington must have gone straight to voice mail.

Muslims: This President seems to be the one more than a little bit concerned with Muslims. He has, using drones, targeted and killed several thousand including women and children, and an American or two, though I doubt even he knows how many. He evidently can continue to do so at his own discretion. Is that frightening?

Mexicans: I don't think conservatives, right wing or otherwise, fear any group in particular and wonder how you arrived at this conclusion? If you’re talking about illegal immigration, I'm inclined to think people want this country's sovereignty respected, and protected, but the U.S. government for various reasons has done a horrible job of performing its duty in this regard. Insofar as Mexico itself is concerned, that country actually encourages illegal immigration into the U.S. because it is a good source of our dollars, but Mexico is notoriously more strict when it comes to intrusion from below "their" border. Disgusted si, frightened no.

Germs: Perhaps you've just happened to see more conservatives washing their hands, and practicing good hygiene. Do you include viruses in this category? If so, maybe more conservatives are getting flu shots. If that's the case it doesn't seem like such a bad idea. It never occurred to me, that if you’re a right wing conservative you might very well be a germophobe. Still, I wouldn't feel to sorry for them if I were you.

Sun: How could anyone fear good ol' Sol? Put on some sun block, wear a ball cap, carry an umbrella. All that comes to mind here is Al Gore. He talks about the sun a lot. To me he's kind of like the Climate King, except that I was a little disappointed when he sold his losing media network to mid-Eastern oil-backed Al Jazeera. I just don't think they are our buddies. Al (Gore that is), being a good liberal, did it smartly though. He managed to close the deal before 2013 taxes set in, thus saving a tidy portion of the $100 million he made on the deal. I'm surprised more liberals like yourself haven't mentioned this cause it kinda means Al is a one-percenter. You know, I'm pretty sure his original fortune came from cursed tobacco? I also think he has been known to make a buck here and there dabbling successfully in clean air credits. By the way if you’re not familiar with Al Jazeera, they are the guys whose mid-Eastern crew threw "a just got out of prison party" for a gentleman who had bashed out the brains of a Jewish child to prevent her from becoming an adult. I don't know about right wingers, but that makes me fearful.

Electricity: I must admit to being stumped even more so here. Do liberals like handling live wires or erecting antennas on hilltops during rain storms? Perhaps I would understand better if I watched the Doomsday guys. But that's not going to happen any time soon. Nope, not even mindlessly. I don't want to risk becoming fearful of "nearly everything you could imagine and then some."

You quoted, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." I wonder if that thought went through the minds of Ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans in their final moments. Unfortunately, we will never know.