1 Cheers to
Versailles Schools for addressing safety and security concerns. Although the decision is saddening because it reveals a different culture than what we’ve come to expect of our country, it is comforting to know that our students are better protected in case of tragedy.

2 Cheers to
the community who supports the goals and mission of CADV. Without your support, CADV might not have been to build a new facility at all.

3 Cheers to
Eldon Mustangs girl’s basketball team for winning the inaugural girl’s tournament at the school.

1 Jeers to
the former Stover police officer who was charged with statutory rape. We’re not sure what’s going on in Stover, but between the police chief getting into hot water, the Litton/Presley murder case, and two rape cases, something must be in the water that makes Stover residents do bad things to children.

2 Jeers to
the apparent waste of time that is the lawsuit against Lazy Gators by the Camden County Commission. Three years, and nothing has moved forward — what an excellent use of time and resources. Not.