QUESTION: Now that emergency situations seem more commonplace in today's society, what do you hope the community will take away from the false alarm bomb threat at Camdenton High School?

QUESTION: Now that emergency situations seem more commonplace in today's society, what do you hope the community will take away from the false alarm bomb threat at Camdenton High School?

Media should not invite duplications

 Obviously, this could happen at any of our schools. Two things should not/should happen. First, Lake Media should NOT publicize this event as it invites duplication.

Second, Supt. DePee' (of Osage School District) should send a letter to parents informing them of this event, warning them of duplications, dangers and penalties ensuing to all involved. 

Hal Anway

Lake Ozark

School performance was outstanding

Some of you may not realize this, but this is not the first time that the Camdenton school campus has been targeted for a bomb threat. I was in 6th grade, as I remember it, when we were all told to evacuate to the gym. Then the high school kids and came across the parking lot to be with us. My oldest brother was with them. I suppose the junior high classes stayed down the hill in their building somewhere.

Everything was done fairly orderly under the circumstances. We did not have a large sheriff's office or a canine unit that is present today. There was not a fully staffed city police department or a local hospital. I graduated from Camdenton High School in 1980.

This city and county has changed drastically in the last 32 years. We have an advanced 911 system, first responders that can be at my door in a few minutes notice, cooperation between departments concerning fire protection, law enforcement, and drug interdiction. More family practice doctors and specialists are here at the lake practicing at a hospital.

In regards to this latest threat, I think the school did a marvelous job of keeping the kids safe until they had searched and cleared every building. They took the threat seriously, notified law enforcement, and the parents.

This isn't a safe world anymore as witnessed by the Columbine massacre and other school violence. Do we want our kids to pass through a metal detector every day or be patted down by a screener everyday? I pray that it doesn't come to that.

James Hall


Have updated emergency plans

I am very thankful that this incident was not more serious and that everyone was unhurt.

All lake residents can use this as a reminder to establish or update an emergency plan for their families.

Parents should speak frankly to their children about communicating in case of an emergency and work out a plan in case of various events such as weather, natural disasters, and incidents at their school or other public places. In addition, administrators at schools, malls, movie theaters, and other public venues should have a contingency plan in place to communicate with parents, the media, and other information sources.

The worst byproduct of an emergency event is lack of information which leads to fear, uncertainty, confusion and possibly unprepared action. Social media has become a very good venue to quickly communicate. Schools and other public venues should embrace this new communication method. With CHS, I saw the first information that there was an incident on Facebook… well before any traditional news media.

Mike Waggett

Lake Ozark

Caller should be prosecuted

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine that we don't have the technology that would enable us to track down the culprit.

When is the last time you saw a phone booth? If you could find a rare phone booth, I would suggest a camera be affixed to determine any caller, anonymous of otherwise.

When the caller is caught, please prosecute and thereby publicize, to discourage such a despicable crime.

Larry Magill

Sunrise Beach