Want to see how construction of the Hurricane Deck Bridge near Sunrise Beach is coming along? You now have that opportunity at your fingertips.

The Missouri Department of Transportation offers a link to a time-lapsed camera located on the bridge that captures construction images every 10 to 15 minutes. The link can be found under Major Projects at www.modot.org.

Currently, the cameras are capturing construction crews forming and pouring columns, beams and caps for several bridge piers. The bridge foundations have been set in the water, and overall the project is about a third of the way complete.

“This is an extensive and complex project,” said MoDOT resident engineer John Sanders. “As an example, the depth of the water at the bridge’s foundation locations ranges from 40 feet to 85 feet deep. That's a lot of water to go through just to start drilling.”

The new bridge is being built on the east side of the existing structure. It will be wider than the current bridge with two 12-foot driving lanes and seven-foot shoulders on each side. The existing bridge is open to traffic during the construction of the new structure, which will be completed in late 2013.