Sheriff Dwight Franklin and challenger John Page address misconceptions that voters may have about them

Dwight Franklin's response:
The biggest misconception that I have heard about is that I can be hard to contact at the office.
I am in the office daily between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, unless I am attending a meeting with another agency, citizens group, or an administrative meeting in Jefferson City. I am available anytime day or night. I take calls and/or meet with individual citizens and groups daily within the county. If someone wishes to meet with me, I would ask that they call the office first and make an appointment so I will be available to meet with them. This will ensure that I'm in the office that day to meet the party.

John Page's response:
What happened in the election of 2008 and why I lost? The voters believed that they needed change, after 16 years, long enough. That I had become complacent and was not holding people accountable and that spending was out of control. That was not the case, but that was the perception. Those who voted not to retain me believed that new blood would bring new ideas.
I've been listening for 3 years and watching the change. It has not been positive. The Sheriff's Office is not in touch with what the communities want. Yes, the budget was cut and the economy is tough. Did we need different uniforms, badges or collar brass or do we need Community Resource Deputies? Citizens want their community deputies back as promised. The budget is still tight, but retaining experienced deputies is important. Moral and pay raises must be addressed, not just raises to his staff or doing just enough to make the administration look good. The 40 plus employees who have left are doing well. Some have started businesses and have moved on. They do want to see the Department restored to the community, because they care. I am restored, always dedicated, and am ready for the fight; we need to get back to the community.

*Editors' Note: In an effort to maintain fairness in our election coverage, we contacted all candidates running for the offices in Camden County asking them to participate in a series of question and answer articles prior to the November General Election. The Lake Sun did not set a word limit or edit the responses in any way.