It appears that the process of dissolving the city of Macks Creek may be more tedious than expected.

The process began shortly after voters in the small community voted in August to officially dissolve the city government. Although it is moving forward, disincorporating the small community is a slow and challenging process.

An analysis of the financial status indicates the city has more outstanding bills than money in the bank and liquidating some of the assets may be more of an issue than anticipated.

The good news is the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has agreed to waive the final $1,250 payment against a fine the city incurred after running into sewer problems at city hall.

The bad news is when the city hall building actually goes up for sale, the buyer will be responsible for fixing the sewer problems. The building will be auctioned off as is with no improvements.

According to a report filed with the Camden County Commission, Macks Creek has more than $25,000 in bills that are overdue with less than $5,000 in the bank and most of that is fuel tax funds that can only be used for road and bridge repair, maintenance and upkeep.

The funds in the general fund come to less than $700. Macks Creek owes more than that to AT&T, Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Two road graders the city had purchased for more than $4,000 were put out for bid. The equipment sold this week for a total of $2,200. That money will go toward the dissolution. The contents of city hall will also be sold in the near future to help pay off what is owed.

The Macks Creek Park has presented a challenge as has disposing of computers that had been purchased for a computer lab. Originally there were discussions about the possibility of selling the land and the computers.

At some point, the park was given a grant from the U.S. Department of the Interior. The grant was handled through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Consequently, the park property cannot be sold. The status of the park and the sale of the computers is in limbo.