Plan calls for a roundabout at the intersection of Osage Beach Parkway and Key Largo Road

The city of Osage Beach Thursday night gave MoDOT a significant push toward resolving issues in the Key Largo area by formally asking the agency to move forward with the most recent plan for the area.

Alderman Kevin Rucker offered a motion, which passed 4-1, asking MoDOT to begin formal design of a three-way slip ramp for Key Largo including a round-a-bout for an estimate of $783,000 with a 50-50 cost share between MoDOT and the city; and to design an outer road from near Lazy Days Road west to Y Road an estimate of $3.7 million with a cost share of one-third city, one-third MoDOT and one-third federal.

Voting no was Alderman Ron Schmitt who said he was “disappointed” in the proposal because it did not address westbound traffic issue. He favors signal lights at the Key Largo intersection.

To the applause of several attending the meeting, Schmitt said Key Largo should be kept open with the addition of signal lights monitored for traffic by electronic photo cells, with the possibility of reducing the speed limit to 55 miles per hour.

After Rucker’s motion was approved, he offered a second motion directing city staff to begin figuring out how the city could pay for its portion, which could be as much as $1.62 million. The motion passed unanimously.

Bob Lynch, area engineer with MoDOT, presented the newest proposal, explaining in detail how traffic would flow in and out of the Key Largo area. He said the concept would improve traffic flow and make the area safer.

He stopped short of promising any type of funding for the slip ramp concept, saying that decision would be made by MoDOT officials in Jefferson City.

Alderman Steve Kahrs made a point to the those attending the meeting that the cost to build a diamond interchange in the area ― rumored in recent days as a possibility ― is estimated at between $8 and $15 million, leaving the city’s share between $4 million and $7.5 million.

The city will send a formal letter of request to MoDOT this week outlining the board’s decision.