The city of Osage Beach will not assume ownership of Osage Beach Parkway from MoDOT until the state agency completes work as promised and until the legal paperwork is completed.

The board voted unanimously last week not to accept the terms of a letter from Bob Lynch, area engineer for MoDOT, asking if the city would take over responsibility of the road before all of the upgrade work is completed.

"When the road is done, we'll sign the agreement," Alderman Kevin Rucker said.

Mayor Penny Lyons reminded the board that the original agreement allowed the board and/or the city to inspect the Parkway before final acceptance.

And City Attorney Ed Rucker said his legal advice was that it "would not be a smart move" for the city to sign off on the Parkway before the work is completed by MoDOT.

In effect, the city originally agreed it would take over ownership of and responsibility for the Parkway after the expressway was completed, but not until a fresh overlay was completed and a final inspection was approved.

"Pending completion of the legal documentation, our question is will the city agree to take over the Parkway by the end of the year knowing that the repair contract for the Parkway is under contract with a completion date of next season?" Lynch asked in his letter to the city.

The repair work would be completed next year, but MoDOT wants the city's approval this year.

Public Works Director Rick King has not hired any new employees to help his department manage the Parkway because the city thought there was a substantial amount of work yet to be done by MoDOT on the Parkway. If the board had accepted the MoDOT request, the city would need to start hiring personnel immediately. The city also would be responsible for snow removal and other costs yet this year rather than next year as originally scheduled.

MoDOT was suggesting a supplemental agreement to bridge the gap between acceptance now and completion of the work next year.

TCLA presentation

Jim Divincen, executive director of the Tri-County Lodging Association, presented a PowerPoint overview of what the TCLA does and how it promotes the lake in various markets. He also explained trends in marketing, including a gradual shift to Search Engine Marketing (online).

He said research shows more travelers are using the Internet to determine and arrange vacation plans. He also told the board that funds are available to help the city of Osage Beach begin an advertising campaign.

Alderman John Olivarri said he would like to see the city discuss the possibility of working with the TCLA to obtain funds when the city gets closer to planning next year's budget.

Divincen said he would be "thrilled" to work with the city.


Aldermen approved first reading of a zoning request by Terry Ross to rezone a 26,400-square foot piece of property between Ledges Drive and Port Lane just off Dude Ranch Road. The change would be from A-1 Agriculture to R-2 Residential with a Planned Unit Development to allow for two-family residential structures.

Ross plans to develop three, two-unit rental townhouses with frontage on Port Lane.

There were no objections during a public hearing, and second reading will be held at the Oct. 18 meeting.

The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval at a Sept. 11 meeting.