Members of the Church at Osage Hills packed 1,500 buddy packs for local students on Sunday morning. The Church at Osage Hills has teamed up with the Central Missouri Food Bank.

The food bank sends pallets of food to the church once a month, members organize the food and create the packs, then deliver the food to the schools.

The packs created go to children in schools all over the lake area including School of the Osage, Versailles and Stover.

The Buddy Pack program feeds hungry children on the weekend. Many local districts have more than 50 percent of the student population on free or reduced meals.

Those kids have access to food during the week, but what happens on the weekends?

That is when the Buddy Pack program steps in.

Recently, the Buddy Pack program was at risk. With the current economic state, the fate of the program for many school districts seemed bleak. When Osage Hills staff heard of the possibility of many local children having to go without food, they immediately thought of a way to help.

This marks the second month the church has packed buddy packs. Food donations and volunteers are always welcome.