After reading the article, "The Other Side", in the Wed. edition of Lake Sun, and feel the need to respond to Randy Presley, concerning his remarks [on defending his brother, T.J., who is accused of murder].  Randy, first off, let me say that I have a brother who is three years younger than I.  As an older brother, I completely understand the desire, the need, to defend a younger sibling.  I feel that you should definitely have the right to speak your peace concerning this matter, and thanks to our good friends here at Lake Sun, you have been given the opportunity.

Up until now, I have spoken to you, as a fellow older brother.  Allow me to now, speak to you as a father of three children.  Randy, while your devotion to your brother is understandable, even admirable, I find your indignant tone in this matter, along with your refusal to acknowledge what little facts are known, to be downright repulsive when we are talking about a little boy who was beaten to death. 

    Randy, by your brother’s own admission, he admits to "spanking him a little hard." Then he goes even further by saying, and I quote, "I lost it."  In your article, I have now also learned, by your words, that while your brother mostly smoked marijuana, he only rarely did meth!  (Dude, on a side note, seriously, you are probably not helping your brother’s case very much, but I'm sure you've helped the prosecutor.)  Of course, you then go on to say that Jamie, the boy’s mother, had a problem with prescription drugs, going so far as to claim that she was the one who administered the fatal blows to that poor little boy.

Randy, the facts are that that boy was in your brother’s care at the end of his short life.  The boy’s mother was working, combined with you brother’s admission of "losing it...spanking him a little hard," it appears, for now anyway, that your brother is probably responsible. That being said, his mother, it appears, is at the very least partially responsible.  The facts are not something you are acknowledging, instead, your main point of contention seems to be the story that Nancy Grace did, and the negative light she has shined on your brother.  Randy, that little boy is dead, sorry you're, "pissed off," but this little boys death is the tragedy here, not the fact that your brother is getting, what you feel, is bad press.  Everyone on Nancy Grace's show is portrayed negatively Randy, she's the "Queen of Mean," it's what she does, so you're just gonna have to deal with it.

Time in court will tell us all what actually happened that fateful night, innocent until proven guilty right?  At some point though Randy, you are going to have to accept, and deal with, the fact that your brother did beat that boy, that he did "freak out," and temporarily lose control. It happens Randy, everyday something similar happens.  The best of parents can still "freak out" in these stressful times we live.  When you are struggling to pay rent, keep the lights on, feed your kids, etc., people will sometimes do totally bizarre things, throw meth and prescription drugs on top of all that, and maybe you can see how your brother might have caved in, snapped, and done something like this.  But at some point, you are going to have to hold him responsible for his actions, not the boy, nor his mother, T.J. is responsible for T.J.'s actions. 

   In closing, let me say that I have no doubt that your brother feels terrible because of what happened.  This will surely haunt him the rest of his days.  That little boy had all of his days taken from him, because of the actions of those who were supposed to protect him. 

   My sympathies go out to the soul of that child Randy, not you, nor your brother.