I am very happy to see that the Lake Sun continues to cover stories about Blake Litton and the progress toward trial of his mother and her boyfriend.  Blake represents all those untold stores that go on in the lake area and across the country that result in lifelong injury, and sometimes death, of innocent children who are abused.

What disturbs me is the apparent head-in-the-sand attitude of Mr. Miller toward his daughter being charged with 2nd degree murder as well as child endangerment for knowing what was done to her son but failing to act.  Mr. Miller expressed concern to his daughter about leaving with her boyfriend and her children in January and that the children were not comfortable around the boyfriend. 

In the first reporting on Blake his sister was taken to the hospital and found to have had evidence of prior physical abuse, and then was put into the custody of family members.  I can't believe that Mr. Miller was totally unaware of any prior abuse allegations concerning Blake or his sister. 

Surely he was aware of what went on in his own home before his daughter left.  And if he didn't did he learn about it at some point and not bring it to the attention of the police?  The story certainly has a lot of questions that have not been answered at this point.  The one big question I have is, did Jamie know about the beating and still go along with the sham that Blake was killed on the highway?  In the event that she did, which will likely come out at a trial, then Mr. Miller you have it wrong.