Randy Presley comes to the defense of his brother, T.J.

Randy Presley has looked out for his younger brother since they were kids.

He’s still looking out for him.

Randy Presley’s brother, T.J., can’t speak for himself. So Randy’s decided to do it for him.

“I ain’t putting it all on her, but T.J.’s side needs to be heard,” Randy Presley said.

T.J. Presley, two years younger than his older brother, has been charged with second-degree murder in the beating death of his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son, Blake Litton, in February. T.J. Presley’s girlfriend, Jamie Litton, has also been charged with second-degree murder. They both were also charged with endangering the welfare of a child. In addition, T.J. Presley was charged with abusing a child resulting in death.

T. J. Presley, 22, is being held at the Pettis County Jail in Sedalia. Jamie Litton is being held at the Cole County Jail in Jefferson City. They both have pleaded not guilty.

“I visit him every week,” Randy Presley said of his brother. “The first month, two months he did nothing but cry every time I talked to him.”

Randy Presley said his brother thought of Jamie Litton’s two youngest children, Blake and his younger sister, Faith, who is now 3, as his own. Faith Litton showed signs of physical abuse after she was examined following Blake’s death.

“He loved them kids, and he still loves those kids,” Randy Presley said. “He loved those kids to death. It’s not in him to hurt them.”

Randy Presley said his younger brother was good with children.

“I have a little boy and I would trust him with T.J. any day of the week,” Randy Presley said. “I know him better than anyone. T.J. is not a bad person at all. He never was about hurting anybody. He wasn’t mean.”

Randy Presley said his younger brother was the type who got picked on when he was growing up.

“People always picked on him and I always stuck up for him. People always knew he wasn’t mean. He’s always been a momma’s boy. He’s never been tough or mean.”

Randy Presley said he saw his brother the night before Blake Litton died on Feb. 16.

“I had met with him the night before,” Randy Presley said. “I had loaned him $30 for gas. He had Blake and Faith with him. Blake was happy. The kids were fine.”

Jamie Litton was at work that night at Golden Age Care Center in Stover. T.J. Presley drove the children to see Jamie Litton at work. According to Jamie Litton’s interview with investigators, that’s when T.J. Presley reportedly told her that Blake “needed to go to the emergency room.”

“I honestly believe she is the one who hurt Blake when he took the kids to the nursing home,” Randy Presley said.

Randy Presley takes exception to the way his brother has been portrayed in the media.

“It’s pissing me off because a lot of stuff they say happened and it didn’t,” Randy Presley said. “Everyone wants to look at him like he’s a cold-blooded murderer, but he loved those kids.”

Randy Presley was particularly upset by the way his brother was portrayed on the Nancy Grace show. The TV talk show host called for first-degree murder charges to be filed in the Blake Litton case.

“She was lying through her teeth,” Randy Presley said of the TV talk show host. “She’s the one who made my brother look so horrible.”

Randy Presley said his brother, who didn’t finish high school, did drugs sometimes, mostly marijuana.

“T.J., he doesn’t do meth very much,” Randy Presley said. “He liked to smoke weed.”

Randy Presley said Jamie Litton did drugs, too.

“Jamie loved pills,” Randy Presley said.

From what he saw, Randy Presley said Jamie Litton was not a model mother. Jamie Litton lived with Randy Presley and his fiancé for a while, before she met T.J., Randy Presley said.

“She beat on them kids,” Randy Presley said. “She was a horrible mother. If she could pawn those kids off, she would pawn them off. The most important thing to her was texting on her cell phone. She didn’t like being a mom.”

Whatever happened the night of Feb. 15 and in the early morning hours of Feb 16, Randy Presley recognizes something went horribly wrong.

“T.J. said he did spank him (Blake Litton) a little hard,” Randy Presley said. “He said he lost it.”