Second Injury Fund story a microcosm for nation's problems

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Writing about the Missouri Second Injury Fund and the story of Sunrise Beach man Allen Robinette, it began to seem that the troubles in this case may be a microcosm for the problems besieging our nation these days.

It would be easy to take political sides in this debate where individuals, government and business all intersect.

But for me, the issue must go one step further — beyond party platforms. The heart of the problem is not that Republicans want to help businesses in order to help individuals or Democrats the poor.

I understand wanting to create a good environment for business as well as for people. Both make sense in their way, but both are really just different sides of the same coin.

Like in any relationship, third party interference can lead to confusion and outright trouble.

In this case, third party interference means government making changes to help businesses. At other times, it is the government trying to help individuals that get us into a mess.

Well meaning and well intentioned with an overabundance of willingness to make their constituents’ happy — be they employer or employee — politicians’ help can sometimes become more of a hindrance in the long run when it comes to the relationship between businesses and people.

Taking a look at the grassroots level, the SIF started simply and appears to have been initially helpful. It has morphed into a monster thanks to the complicating factors of modernity, from more possibilities — and more expenses — in healthcare to the more technical job market and now a poor economy. And that’s just to name a few.


Put a finger into a pie like that, and it’s no wonder things are messy. What may seem to be a  simple plan to benefit either businesses, and thus create jobs, or just individuals is not necessarily so simple anymore.

Sometimes it seems like we would be better off if both sides of government stopped trying to help so much and let the rest of us work it out amongst ourselves.