A Kansas City attorney has been arrested in connection with the 2010 murder of her father at his Sunrise Beach home.

Susan Elizabeth Van Note, 44, was taken into custody Friday afternoon following her indictment by a Boone County grand jury on first degree murder and forgery charges in connection with the death of her father, William Van Note in October of 2010.

Two accomplices, Desre and Stacey Dory, of Johnson County, were also arrested and charged with second degree murder and forgery. The Dorys were referred to as friends of Susan Van Note.

William Van Note was a successful Kansas City businessman. He and his girlfriend, Sharon Dickson, were shot and stabbed while staying at his lake home in Sunrise Beach. Dickson died at the scene. William Van Note died several days later after being flown to Boone County for treatment.

William Van Note was 69 at the time of his death. Dickson was 59. Charges have not been filed in connection with Dickson's


Arraignments for Susan Van Note and the Dorys are expected to take place early next week in Boone County Circuit Court. The indictments are sealed until that time.

The case against Susan Van Note and the Dorys is being handled by Camden County Prosecuting Attorney Brian Keedy who has been appointed as a special assistant to the Missouri Attorney General's office, Boone County Prosecutor Dan Knight and Kevin Zellner of the attorney general's


The ongoing investigation has been handled by the Camden County Sheriff's Department and law enforcement agencies in Johnson, Jackson and Boone counties.