Camdenton and Osage's football programs gear up for the upcoming season.

Camdenton Lakers: On the Warpath

The Camdenton Lakers have one goal: they want to win it all.
"This year, we have a mission: we're going on the warpath," Coach Jeff Shore said. "We only get one shot, and we will make the most of it."
The Lakers began their summer camp on Monday, July 22, taking to the field with the sun beating down on them as they stretched and began practice.
The team all seemed to be in high spirits, encouraging and teasing each other as they ran through the drills.
One key element of the Lakers' offensive attack is the run, and they spent a good portion of time working on handoffs and blocking. The team's running backs demonstrate the ability to dash and bash, mixing agility with force.
"Our season starts now!" Coach Shore told his players.
With the skills positions always the one people watch, it's easy to overlook the what's going on with the lineman. The trenches are where the battle really begins, and where a game is decided. The linemen this year are developing well under the watchful eye of their coaches.
"We're a bit further along than we were last year," Coach Shore said, watching his players like a general surveying his troops. "We should be faster, stronger, and more aggressive."
At the end of the night, senior Chase Nugent addressed his teammates in the huddle.
"We have to work together, strive together, and be great together," Nugent said. "We have to keep fighting. We have a chance to do something no team has ever done before, and the power to do it."
His teammates gathered in, and shouted on thunderous cry of "Lakers" before shaking off their weariness and ending the night.
The team plays their first game on Friday, August 24, against Hillcrest.

Osage Indians: Work Hard

As the heat slowly lessens as the night goes on, the Osage Indians football team continues their summer camp, sweating and pushing onward. The teams motto is a very fitting one: work hard, and they do just that.
The Indians began their summer camp on Monday night, preparing for their upcoming season. The team may be a little inexperienced, as they graduated a strong portion of their starting squad, with three returning for the coming season. Inexperience is something that can be fixed, though, and head coach Dan Henderson will have his team ready.
"Last year, we went 13-1," Henderson said. "It wasn't a normal year for us, but in schools our size, there's never really a normal year."
The Osage Indians open up their season with their first game against Fulton on Friday, August 24.
There's not a team we can't beat," Henderson said. "They can beat us just as well."
Coach Henderson says that they will run a spread offense this year, and a 3-5 on defense.
"We're excited about our kids this year," Henderson said. "We aren't big, but we are quick. Our two main goals for camp are to start thinking about football and to have fun."