1 Cheers to
the Church at Osage Hills for organizing the community to provide food and funds for the Buddy Pack Program.

2 Cheers to
CADV for moving forward with the demolition of their previous buildings. We hope nothing but the best for the future of the organization.

3 Cheers to
the Linn Creek Police Department for hosting a synthetic drug forum. We hope the community will turn out in droves to learn about how to combat this growing problem in our area.

1 Jeers to
Jamie Litton, the mother accused of second-degree murder in the death of her 3-year-old son. At her preliminary hearing last week, evidence suggested Litton saw young Blake after the alleged beating that led to his death, yet returned to work as if the situation was normal.

2 Jeers to
Dylan Ites, who allegedly led police officers on a high speed chase through Morgan County last week. We don’t unsafe driving and poor choices jeopardizing the lives of brave officers and innocent passersby in our community.