The Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen has voted to pull in the welcome mat.

The Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen has voted to pull in the welcome mat.
Once again, the board has decided that setting aside the city’s open-container to present a welcoming aspect to an important event.  
The board has thumbed its collective nose at The Shootout, one of the lake’s most popular events.
The recent barbeque and blues event on the Strip was dead on arrival. While other towns of all sizes around Missouri manage to turn such affairs into an annual draw and big tax revenue, the Lake Ozark board put on its prune face and made sure no one over the age of 10 could have any fun. They did nothing to help and everything to hinder the organizers.
The Lake Ozark event was a dud by all accounts. This can be attributed, we believe, in large part to a lack of planning on the part of organizers. However, the aldermen’s refusal to see the value of allowing adults to hold a beer in the hand not clutching a rib was certainly a contributing factor.
Lake Ozark might as well have some cross-road banners printed that  say ‘No Fun Here.’
The Shootout boat owners spend their time and money to put their unique million-dollar boats on display along the Strip before the race each year. They wouldn’t mind enjoying a cold one while they do so.
Last year, one alderman was outspoken in his desire to crucify anyone bringing a cooler to the Shootout boat display on the Strip.  Shootout organizers said at the time that they might consider moving the event to the lake’s west side if Lake Ozark’s bad attitude persisted.
Now it has.
Who could blame Shootout and other event organizers if they gave the Strip the cold shoulder in the future? Why waste your time with a board that obviously doesn’t care if you bring them money? The lake is surrounded by welcoming venues, ready to accommodate fun activities and allow people to actually have some fun.
If the Lake Ozark aldermen plan to keep this attitude going forward, they’ll have plenty of quiet weekends to work on the ‘No Fun’ signs.