This week saw the end of the state legislative session, and it was the last one for 115th District State Rep. Rodney Schad, R-Versailles, as he exhausted his term eligibility in the House.

This week saw the end of the state legislative session, and it was the last one for 115th District State Rep. Rodney Schad, R-Versailles, as he exhausted his term eligibility in the House.
Has your experience in the state legislature affected your point of view?
Yes, I came down here thinking I was quite prepared. I spent quite a bit of time down here working on county issues as a commissioner. But it's a big, big world out there with lots of different areas of concern. There are lots of issues that need lots of attention, so the learning curve is intense. Maybe we do need term limits, but they need to be longer than they are. With the eight year limit, lobbyists are the ones with the institutional knowledge - and that's not good. It's very difficult to find out and figure out who you can trust, and that is so very important.
Any advice for someone becoming a representative?
I have jokingly said I wouldn't recommend it to any of my friends, but to those who think they would like to serve in this capacity, I wish them well. If you do it and you do it right, it is not an easy work and certainly an important work.
A memorable moment or experience from service?
I remember my first year, which you wouldn't think a freshman would have much impact, but I remember about 10:30 one night, an amendment went on the (school) foundation formula bill to establish the new foundation formula we go by now. When that amendment went on, me and couple other guys were there, but the debate continued on. About 30 minutes later, we realized the amendment's impact - we did some calculations - and it was not good for our small schools. As other representatives found out, they were going to vote against the bill. I happened to be out in hallway and told the governor's chief of staff what had happened - that the bill was going down in flames. He got the governor out of bed and over to the capital and we worked out a deal about two o'clock in the morning so could have a new foundation formula. Now, I didn't come up with the solution; I just got the governor out of bed. And that should be a lesson to us. Amendments are supposed to be distributed the day before so everyone can decide whether or not to support or not, but sometimes substitute amendments get voted onto these bills. Those are the dangerous ones, and you've got to find out if they're good or bad. A lot of representatives don't care what happens to small schools. But for representatives of rural areas, we see that small schools are doing good work and turning out some of best and brightest. In those situations, we have to be very diligent.
How would you sum up your time as representative?
I did carry a bill to put the (blood alcohol) limit to 0.08 for boaters, making the lake safer. As a legislature, we accomplished some good things for the state of Missouri in the past eight years - a new foundation formula, conceal and carry and we revised the department related to welfare. I'm a big second amendment supporter, so I think conceal and carry for Missouri was a good thing. I think the foundation formula was a big improvement over what it was before. The recession kept up from fully funding it, but it was a good formula. We also changed the laws regarding tort reform which brought back companies wanting to do business in Missouri.
So what's ahead for you?
Sixteen years ago, I was was eastern district commissioner in Morgan County. I have filed for that office and am campaigning to get elected to that position again. It is an open seat. I enjoy being a farmer very much, and I intend to try to go back after eight years and take of the farm like it should be taken care of. In the last five to six years, I have become involved with the Show Me Christian Youth Home, and I've been a director for Quality Industries Sheltered Workshop for the handicapped. I've been involved with that for 20 some years now. I want to be able to go back and devote some more time to those activities.