DIY Workout T-shirt in Minutes is a posting about creating a work-out T-shirt out of an old shirt in less than 20 minutes.

Ever had one of those exercise days where your clothes are incredibly uncomfortable? I have had one of those experiences; one definitely gets sweaty wearing baggy clothes to hide what we are hoping to lose in a couple months. While I am not trying to impress anyone when I am at the the gym, I want my wardrobe to be comfortable while I burn off calories. Also, it's summertime and the weather outside is getting hot and humid; nobody wants to wear heavy clothing. Instead, most want to change up their wardrobe for a pair of shorts and a tank top. Which is the reason why I want to share a do-it-yourself tutorial from Pinterest on taking old shirts that will forever hide in the back of the closet to create something new to wear to the gym, outside or out with friends.  

Provided below is a list of items needed to begin this shirt reconstruction tutorial:

    - One old T-shirt (NOTE: From experience, for women who have curves, I suggest using a larger shirt than what you are accustomed to wearing.)
    - One pair of scissors
    - 20 minutes

This easy, 20-minute-or-less tutorial, provided by Catherine, owner of the website Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth, only takes 20 minutes or less to create and a pair of scissors. With this tutorial, I suggest that you use a shirt larger than what you would normally wear because the shirt reduces in size as you begin snipping away. Unfortunately for me, I tried this tutorial out this morning and came across the road block of the shirt being slightly tighter than desired around my mid-section than what I was comfortable with. So, to fix this little road block, I readjusted the back straps.

For the complete tutorial, visit Catherine's Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth