The Lake of the Ozarks Habitat for Humanity held a ground-breaking ceremony for their 13th house Saturday, May 19 on Mulberry Street in Camdenton. Mayor Dennis North, Habitat for Humanity board members and volunteers, and community members attended.

The Lake of the Ozarks Habitat for Humanity held a ground-breaking ceremony for their 13th house Saturday, May 19 on Mulberry Street in Camdenton. Mayor Dennis North, Habitat for Humanity board members and volunteers, and community members attended.

“This groundbreaking is an opportunity for us to proclaim that Habitat houses are built on the foundation of God’s love. We ask God’s blessing to set apart the ground for the building of this new Habitat home,” said Habitat for Humanity Board President Doug Horman. The blessed recipients are the Ginsky family, single mom Randa Ginsky, and her 12 year-old son Kayden.

The mission of Lake of the Ozarks Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit ecumenical Christian housing ministry, is to work in partnership with low income families, donors and volunteers to provide decent, affordable shelter for those living at poverty levels, and in substandard housing.

Randa has lived at the lake since 1991, when her father became the General Manager of the Lake of the Ozarks Marina in Camdenton. She graduated from Camdenton High School in 1998. “I like living in Camdenton because It has the small town feel along with the accessibility to larger cities,” said Randa. “The school system has been amazing for both me and my son.” 

12 year old Kayden
Kayden will attend the Camdenton Middle School next year.
“He is so elated to get this house,” said Randa. “Because he will have a yard, and a safe place to ride his bike.”

Randa is planning to purchase a new bicycle for Kayden’s housewarming gift. Kayden will have his own room and Randa plans to finish the basement eventually to be a “kid zone.” Kayden’s idea of the perfect bedroom is with red and black flames on the walls. “I told him no drastic colors,” said Randa. Kayden toned it down and now plans to decorate his room using the colors of his favorite football team, the Minnesota Vikings. Randa’s family is from Minnesota and Kayden was able to go to a Vikings game for the first time last season. 

The family has been renting a duplex for the past six years. “We don’t have a yard and we are just throwing our money away. It doesn’t belong to us,” said Randa. She says she is so looking forward to planting a berry bushes, a vegetable garden and decorating her abundant two-acre yard with plenty of flowers. “The very first thing I will do is put a fence in the back yard for my dogs. Randa hopes to be in her new home by Thanksgiving so she can invite her family to for Thanksgiving Dinner. Randa also studied culinary arts for two years at the Camdenton Technical College. 

“I am so excited because my house payment, including the insurance, will be cheaper than the rent I am currently paying. She also expects her utilities to lessen due to it being an energy efficient home.  
One year after her mother passed away from cancer, a family friend encouraged Randa to go fill out the paperwork for a Habitat Home. At that time, she started to fill out the forms and had a check.

“I was a young mom and I was a little frightened of the commitment,” said Randa. Since then, Randa has become gainfully employed at the Linn Creek Head Start, where she was recently promoted to lead teacher in the full day classroom. She graduated from State Fair Community College on Friday, May 18 with an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Development. This degree will equip her and further her career goals. “I feel more ready to take on a house now,” said Randa. “I love my job because the Head Start Program does so much good, for so many families. I love teaching the children and seeing them learn and grow up to be little people,” said Randa.

Working with Habitat volunteers
“Randa says she has enjoyed working with Habitat volunteers Tom and Chris Rath. Chris is a little quirky but that makes it fun. “Tom is stern and strict, but he has a sense of humor. He is retired military so I guess he has a right to be like that,” said Randa. Tom is the Habitat construction manager. When the house property was purchased there was sewer line under the house and you can’t build a house on a sewer line. They had to move the house plan a few feet towards the road. The house is on property that is zoned R- 1 which requires a 30 foot set back from the property line to the nearest to the road. The Camdenton City Board of Adjustment approved the request for a zoning variance. “It was good to have a man like Tom on my side to fight for me,” said Randa.

Chris and Tom worked with her in choosing the design of her new home. As one of the requirements, Randa will work on the home, or other Habitat projects to earn what is called “sweat equity.” She has also volunteered to help another Habitat family on their home and at the Habitat ReStore. “I am willing to step forth and pay it forward and work on future houses as well,” said Randa.

She learned after taking required financial classes through Financial Peace University that she has been doing everything right by saving up and only buying things she has the money for. She was debt free up until two years ago when she had to purchase a reliable car.

“It is exciting to be able to help build my own house. I feel happy because owning my own house is a huge accomplishment,” said Randa.

The numbers:
•A standard 1,200 square foot home
•Three bedrooms
•Two full baths
•Unfinished basement
•Kitchen, pantry, dining and laundry room
•1.5 attached garage
•All appliances included  
•Cost to build the home approximately $80,000
•30 year, interest-free mortgage
•6 months to construct the home
•A volunteer crew of retirees will work 3.5 days a week

This is not a giveaway program; houses are sold at no profit with no interest mortgages issued over a fixed period of months. The mortgage payments, including taxes and insurance, are paid and deposited into a revolving “Habitat for Humanity “account, which supports the construction of more houses.
The houses are sold for the value of the materials in the house and the labor is donated. Monetary, donations, donations of salable materials for their ReStore, and volunteers are welcome. For more information phone 573 317-3962 or visit them online at