QUESTION: What do you think is the SINGLE biggest issue that needs to be addressed by either the local, state or national (or all three) government in this election cycle and why?


QUESTION: What do you think is the SINGLE biggest issue that needs to be addressed by either the local, state or national (or all three) government in this election cycle and why?

Balancing the budget

I think the most obvious issue that needs to be to be addressed at every level in this election is the economy.  Nationally, our unemployment rate is at about 9.1%. We have shown some slight improvement over the last few months, but we have a long way to go to get more people off of unemployment and back into the workforce.
Missouri manages to get a budget passed every year despite vigorous debate on both sides of the aisle. Why can't our Congress in Washington, D. C. to the same thing thing? What are they afraid of? Are they afraid of their party affiliation, their C-pac funding, or their next election?  Our congressmen are sent to Washington to do the people's business, not monkey business!  In my opinion, they are all acting like spoiled children who are afraid to share their toys. It isn't their toys to begin with!   
In all seriousness, the gridlock we have in Washington is truly an embarrassment to this country.  This isn't healthy for Wall-Street, main street, or the family farm.  The only bills that get passed are raises for Congress and our debt ceiling.  Why can they just put the country first instead of their own party and pocketbook?

James Hall

Freedoms in jeopardy

In my opinion, the most important issue of this election cycle is restoring America. The present administration in Washington has done more damage to our constitution and freedom in 3 1/2 years than all other assaults on our representative democracy in the last 200 years. This administration has ignored congress, supported the do nothing senate and his czars are sticking their hands in everything that effects the continuation of our form of government. They are issuing edicts to every and all agency's that once had rules, laws and procedures and were accountable, to do as they say and ignore the standards that are in place.
They are involved in destroying and denying our opportunities to be, in part energy independent. Which I believe is a national security issue. Remember when the President said he would make it so difficult to produce coal, and so expensive it would bankrupt the companies? I do.  Where does this guy think the means to having electrified homes and businesses comes from? He gives billions of our dollars to his contributors to waste on green energy scams, without any legal enforceable assurances that we tax payers would be paid  first if there was a default. His cronies were enriched by millions of dollars, while the company went bankrupt and are trying to sell the huge multimillion dollar buildings. We won't get any of that either. This administration has not bothered with submitting a budget since taking office. They can ignore with impunity any established procedures. It reminds me of a situation with a person I worked with. The daughter was in the first year of college and was inundated with offers for credit cards. She took them all. She had a great time for quite awhile. Then when she couldn't pay the minimum she paid them by using other cards to pay the other cards. Of course it was left to the adult parent to fix the mess the best they could. It was a long and painful procedure. Now we have a guy in the Whitehouse and the pandering Senate who are behaving the same way.
16 trillion is not enough, they want to throw away more trillions to live large and stay in their offices and promise the tax payers  everything, that taking out another credit card, mostly from people who want us to fail will not hurt us. Our elected representatives can't even get the justice department to comply with constitutionally required investigation and oversight. They receive thousands of mostly redacted pieces of paper, which doesn't answer any questions. Just years of stonewalling, after all they don't have to comply. What are we going to do about it. THEY are in control. They sue our states and punish them, for enforcing laws. It costs millions of dollars to the states to defend themselves when they can least afford it because of the federal governments failure to enforce laws. Our Supreme court is threatened if they don't vote the way this administration wants. Ignore laws, just do as you are told.  This is a totalitarian administration, and the horrors of it will not be fully felt until after the November elections if they stay in office another 4 years. They will have absolutely no constraints. They already have shown they have no regard for
any of our checks and balances. This next election will be the direction our country will have to live with for the next decades.
Our constitution, bill of rights, freedoms and representative government will be impossible to regain after it is destroyed. Adults who want to save us have to be in control again. Adults who will tell us the truth about the mess created and what we must do to fix it.  A jaunty, grinning, celebrity worshiping, credit card carrying radical sure isn't the answer. In my opinion this is the most dangerous time we have ever faced in America. And I personally am terrified for my country, family, and our future.

Brenda Goodman

Removing regulations from small businesses

As a small business owner and employer of 7 people, I would like to know specifically what each candidate will do to eliminate the huge amount of regulations and taxes that are levied on small businesses by all levels of Government.  By eliminating barriers to doing business and simplifying our tax code, companies could grow at a much faster pace.   This would mean more tax revenue, less debt, and higher employment.

Mike Waggett
Lake Ozark