Boy, oh boy, the fight’s on! Arizona vs. the Federal Government and Arizona’s not backing up one bit! (HA HA!)

Boy, oh boy, the fight’s on! Arizona vs. the Federal Government and Arizona’s not backing up one bit! (HA HA!)  Jan Brewer is standing her ground (way to go, Jan!), the fight is over illegal immigration (not legal) in which the decent people of Arizona are trying to gain control of a situation that is getting out of hand.  
Some claim that Arizona law enforcement use this situation to enforce racial profiling. 

As I have been informed this is not the case.

 I have no doubt that some cops may have some raw feelings just as do some Hispanics may have.
As much as possible both sides need to keep these feelings in check.
Why is Arizona doing this?  To start with, our Federal Constitution was adopted and ordained to promote domestic tranquility and common defense as well as general welfare of the people.  
In recent years, the Federal Government appears to have neglected this.

 In Arizona, there are rural areas where law enforcement will not go without SWAT teams to back them up.  Mexican drug cartels have infiltrated areas of Arizona with lookouts, movement sensitive equipment, communications and more. 

Also, in Arizona there are rural people who will not leave their homes because of large groups of armed migrants coming north that will break in and rob or loot (or worse)!  
Thus they guard their homes with guns.

The 2nd Amendment states they have the right to do this: “a well regulated militia, being necessary to a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  This here states plainly that these US citizens have the right to do this.

Governor Brewer (God bless her!), I feel has taken this stand because the domestic tranquility and its citizens are being threatened and she’s trying to stand her ground.

On Fox TV, I watched as she told of cities in Arizona where drug cartels had moved in and set up “safe houses” with plywood over all the windows.  In these houses the cartels do a booming business, also in these houses, women (or boys) are tied with ropes for sex and pleasure.

Jan is trying to fight for her people, her state, for us and instead of backing her, while she is simply trying to fulfill her duty; this administration has the guts and the gall to call her before the Supreme Court.  
Watch out!

If they try it there they can try this is Missouri.