What: Devils Elbow
Where: Eastern Pulaski County

Tucked within groves of trees, near the Big Piney River, sits the tiny community of Devils Elbow. Here, visitors will find a restaurant, a post office, a general store and a cluster of homes. The river is one of the biggest draws and offers a place for visitors to tube or wade in the crystal clear waters.
Spanning the river is a reminder of a bygone era, US Route 66. The roadway soars across the river courtesy of an old metal bridge, which offers a nice backdrop for photographers, as well as a scenic view. The pace of life is slow and sedate in Devils Elbow although the small community is just a few miles away from Fort Leonard Wood.

How to get there Devils Elbow is located about eight miles from Waynesville and St. Robert. There are numerous ways to get there but one of the easiest is to hop on Interstate 44 East toward Rolla. Take exit 163 to Missouri 28 and take a left on Route 66 (also known as State Highway Z.) Follow the road until you see Teardrop Lane and make a right turn. Teardrop Lane will take you to the bridge and you’ve
What to take A camera, walking shoes, money for lunch

What: The Cave Restaurant and Resort
Where: Near Richland, northwestern Pulaski County

Hidden in Pulaski County near Richland is a place that is quickly becoming famous. Visitors can camp there, canoe, fish and spelunk in style. Spelunking is exploring caves, and in this case the visitor can be seated at a nice table, order dinner and be served in one.
The Cave Restaurant and Resort is a unique Ozarkian place that cannot be found anywhere else. Visitors can go to the resort, get in a little fishing, take a float in a canoe, relax in a cabin and have dinner at the unusual Cave Restaurant.
The restaurant is the main attraction for the resort. Visitors can park their cars in the lower parking lot and restaurant staff will shuttle them up to the restaurant in a van. Once a visitor arrives at the restaurant, they are escorted to the elevator and ride up to be seated. The entrance boasts a beautiful picture window looking out over the river and a balcony that patrons can step out on to take in the view.
The restaurant is a real cave with an interesting décor that includes fish ponds and waterfalls. It's carpeted and lit with unique fixtures throughout.
The price of dinner is moderate and the restaurant can accommodate up to 225 people. If a unique atmosphere is something that appeals to you, if you enjoy good food or you just like the idea of it, check out the Cave Restaurant and Resort.

How to get there: Located near Richland, the Cave Restaurant and Resort is a short drive from the Fort Leonard Wood area. Visitors should take the Richland Hwy. 7 exit. (Exit 150). Then turn right and continue approximately 4 miles. Turn right again on Rochester Rd. and follow the signs. After crossing a bridge, the entrance is on the right.
What to take: Camera, appetite, fishing supplies, money for dinner and time to relax
When to go:  Wed-Fri 4-8:30  Sat 11:30-8:30, Sunday 11:30-5

What: Old Stagecoach stop
Where: Waynesville town square, central Pulaski County

The Old Stagecoach stop was originally called The Waynesville House, and was built in 1854 by William Walton McDonald.
The structure was originally a hotel and was a stop on the stagecoach route from St. Louis to
During the Civil War, the Union Army built a telegraph wire and a fort on top of Waynesville Hill to guard what was considered an important road, as this road was used to move men and supplies from Rolla to southwestern Missouri and Arkansas. The Union Army also took over the hotel to use as a hospital.
After the civil war, the railroads came to the area and the hotel remained as a boarding house.
The Old Stagecoach stop is open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., April through September. Admission is free and the space can used for weddings and gatherings for a nominal fee.
The Old Stagecoach stop is located in the Waynesville town square and can be reached by driving through St. Robert to downtown Waynesville or by exiting off I-44 at exit 156.