The intersection will remain closed to traffic for the immediate future

Orange traffic cones limiting the number of vehicles entering Highway 54 at the Key Largo/Osage Beach intersection will remain for the time being.

Missouri Department of Transportation officials held a meeting last week in hopes of determining a permanent solution to the intersection that has been called "dangerous" by several different first-responding agencies.

Area Engineer Bob Lynch said the decision is harder than it looks because engineers have to look at how different options would trickle down and impact other intersections along the new Highway 54.
Most importantly, Lynch said, officials want to solve the high number of traffic accidents at the intersection without creating more crashes at other points along Highway 54.

"If we limit access at that intersection, are cars going to turnaround at Roundabout or are they going to choose the safer option and go a little farther to Route Y," Lynch said. "Those are things we are considering and have to factor in."

The turnaround near Roundabout Road is used by drivers on westbound Highway 54 to access eastbound Highway 54. Route Y could be used for the same purpose, but vehicles would use an off ramp, cross over the highway on an overpass, then enter eastbound traffic. Driving to Route Y is a little more than a mile away, while Roundabout Road is about 4/10th of a mile.

Lynch said another meeting has been scheduled for this week to make a final decision about changes to the intersection.

The orange traffic cones went up more than a week ago after another serious crash occurred at the intersection. It was the fifth serious accident this year.

One driver was killed in the crash.

The cones block vehicles on Osage Beach Parkway from accessing the intersection. Lighted signs have also been placed around the intersection notifying drivers on Highway 54 of possible entering traffic or vehicles crossing the intersection.