Feb. 15 to Feb. 21

Arrested / Charged  Persons: 7
Domestic Violence Calls: 0
Burglaries: 0
Property Damage: 0
Motor Vehicle Crashes: 4
Juvenile Problems: 0
Assist Agency: 1
Stealing: 1
Peace Disturbance: 0
Assault: 0
Robbery: 0
Drive while Intoxicated: 1
Drug Violations: 1
Animal Complaints: 2
Business Checks: 578

Charged:  Burns, Carlotta D. – 35 year old w/f from Macks Creek, MO charged with Open Liquor Container on February 15th.

Charged:  Sinner, Eric A. – 42 year old w/m from Linn Creek, MO charged with Open Liquor Container on February 15th.

Arrested:  Gunn, Melissa L. – 29 year old w/f from Camdenton, MO arrested on warrant for Failure to Appear (Pettis County) on February 15th.

Charged:  Brown, Jake N. – 31 year old w/m from Waynesville, MO charged for Driving while Revoked on February 16th.

Charged:  Love, Lacy M. – 24 year w/f from Lebanon, MO charged for Possession of Controlled Substance on February 16th.

Charged:  Paladino, Juana – 31 year old w/f from Laurie, MO charged with Trespassing on February 17th.

Charged:  Clark, Vickey L. – 41 year old w/f from Camdenton, MO charged with Driving while Intoxicated, Defective Equipment and Failure to Maintain Insurance on February 19th.

This is a partial listing of criminal activity investigated by the Camdenton Police Department.  All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  Most cases remain under investigation and any citizen with any additional information is encouraged to call the Police Department.  We appreciate any and all support received from the general public.  Any questions about this activity report can be made to the Camdenton Police Department at (573) 346-3604.