This is in response to the recent Camden County P&Z meeting.

So the local Conservative Club wants the government out of private property rights.  Well, it does have some merit.

This is in response to the recent Camden County P&Z meeting.
So the local Conservative Club wants the government out of private property rights.  Well, it does have some merit.  
So what if your neighbor just throws all their trash and garbage next to your property line?  None of your business!  They have the right to attract as many vermin as they want and you are not supposed to do anything about as it is a private property issue.  So what if your neighbor decides to collect junked vehicles, boats, machine parts or whatever and place it right up to your joint property line. 

Again, they have the right to do whatever they see fit, it is their property right.  And so what, that if you need to sell your place and no one wants to pay for what it is worth.  After all, who wants to live next door to trashy

You think that these types of issues can’t occur here?  Think again.
Yes, there could be some people who can’t keep their place up for one reason or another, but unless it is just plain laziness, how about helping your neighbor?  Don’t give me that tired excuse that we shouldn’t force those without the wherewithal to keep up their property. 

Unless they are too old or have some financial issues, then they have absolutely no excuse for letting their property go to heck in a hand basket.   Go over and lend a hand, it is the Christian thing to do. 

And because the county is really late in getting any kind of code enforcement installed, there will be landowners who have been dumping lord only knows what all over their property for decades.  And yes, for these folks, cleaning up their property could not be done as the costs would be extremely high. 

So, perhaps if all the trash, abandoned vehicles, debris, etc. are not visible by road or neighbor, or if no complaint is forthcoming, then enforcement could be abated.

And if I read Mr. Luber correctly, long time Camden County residents are trashy by nature and city folks just need to get used to us throwing our garbage out in the front yard or down the gully behind our houses?  

Okay, I know some that do.  With the bare trees at this time of year, one can see what has happened over time and makes me sick.  I don’t have much, never had a pot full of money, but I was always taught to keep what I did have neat and clean.  Being poor does not mean being trashy.  I saw enough of that in the big city.  It wasn’t being poor, it was being lazy.  Many would rather sit around drinking beer than pick up after themselves.

Ahhh, the old raising taxes is always a bad idea argument.  I’ll tell you what, want to save on taxes, let’s go back to the old subscriptions for fire protection.  Never mind that they were probably more than the current tax rate. Don’t pay it and your house catches on fire, they get to show up and watch your house burn to the ground. 

Makes for interesting reading around the country when this happens, and it has made the national news.  We can also dump the ambulance service. 

Who needs it?  
Yeah, right, until you are the one who gets severely injured or have a heart attack.  These two items will save about 20% off your property right off the bat.  Will the elimination of these two services make you feel any freer?  Well perhaps freer of property and life I guess.

I will agree that in agricultural areas, that some leeway is needed on code issues.  If someone has a barn falling down, who really cares?  I don’t.  I always hear that farmers don’t like anyone telling them what to do.  
Okay, I get it.  But don’t come crying to anyone when your upwind neighbor decides to bring in 500 hogs.  He has that right to do whatever he wants on his land as well. 

I just hope you like the smell that wafts across your back porch during those hot spring mornings right after it has rained.  There is nothing like it in the world.

Bottom line, there are ways to keep the lake area a national show place and not a trash dump. 

We need to work together to get something done on code enforcement that is good for everyone involved.  Just like Ameren got behind on its shoreline management policy, so has Camden County on reasonable enforcement.

-Robert Dye, Sunrise Beach