Here’s a brief recap of Lake Ozark's Feb. 22 Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen meeting.

Here’s a brief recap of Tuesday night’s Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen meeting.

• The Police Department will be purchasing several new radios with help from a $5,200 grant from the Missouri Department of Public Safety.
Chief Mark Maples hopes to purchase three hand-held radios and three more radios for officers’ vehicles with the money.
The city will be required to match 10 percent of the funds, about $500.

• Aldermen approved the first reading of a bill that will allow the city to charge utility customers a fee for turning off the water main at the nearest valve and for extra meter reads.
The $25 service fee would partially compensate the city for the worker’s time and gas money to go to the site, said Public Works Director Matt Michalik.
The fee will be waived when it’s necessary to make repairs to the water line between the valve and the house, or when the water meter is misreading and needs to be adjusted.
The city will charge an additional fee for service calls after regular business hours.
Any new buildings in the city are required to have a water shut-off valve inside. However, older structures do not have one. If there is a leak, city workers have to shut off the water at the main outside.
The bill would also require those structures - whether they are businesses or homes - to install a valve inside while the water is off.
The bill passed 4-1. Alderman Jeff Van Donsel was the lone ‘no’ vote against the measure. He felt it was arbitrary to start charging a fee. He also questioned the validity of requiring grandfathered structures to install a water valve.
The bill received a recommendation of approval from the Utility Commission.
Aldermen will discuss the second reading of the bill at the next meeting.

• Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos’ request to remove himself from the Planning and Zoning Commission and appoint Shaun Otto in his place failed after several aldermen disagreed with his choice in replacement.
The dispute started several months ago after Franzeskos replaced a longtime commission member with a fresh face. Aldermen want that member back.
The commissioner had 20 years of experience on the board, a history that can’t be replaced, several aldermen argued. The same aldermen asked the mayor several weeks ago to remove himself and put the commissioner back on.
Franzeskos didn’t mind removing himself, but said it’s time for the city to move forward.
Franzeskos has appointed three new people to the eight-member Planning and Zoning Commission. Otto would have made four. The two most senior members each have more than ten years of experience on the commission. Both of their terms expire in 2013.
Still, the aldermen said the commissioner Franzeskos replaced could provide invaluable experience and knowledge.
Aldermen who voted in favor said new people could provide new ideas on the board.
Aldermen voted against the nomination 3-2.

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