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  • State representative candidate recap

  • Candidate snapshots for the race for state representative in Missouri’s 155th district (Camden County).

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  • Candidate snapshots for the race for state representative in Missouri’s 155th district (Camden County).
    John Page (D)
    • Retired Sheriff of Camden County
    “It is something that I’ve always had an interest in being involved in, the legislature. It’s the perfect time to (run),” Page said.
    • Thoughts on the 2010 General Assembly
    “They did a lot of what they call combining of government, cutting of government, things like that. I think that what people don’t realize is what that did to our city and county governments, which now face unfunded mandates,” Page said.
    The Missouri Department of Public Safety liquor control division cut more than half of its employees. Page said local governments will be forced to conduct any liquor control operations in 2011.
    “I think that those unfunded mandates like that are things that we have to watch. Yes, it’s good to cut government; it’s a great thing, but when you do it at the cost of other people, it’s not,” Page said. “I think that I can do that very well because I’ve been involved at the county government level and city government level, so I know what those costs and kinds of costs are going to be.”
    • On concerns voters have raised along campaign
    “Some of the concerns people have are cuts in school budgets, cuts in some of the government programs. People want someone to watch the state agencies on how they treat the Lake of the Ozarks, one of the largest tourism revenue sources in the state, that it be treated fairly and that people from around the state aren’t making the rules for us here at the lake. It is our lake.”
    • On potentially being in the minority party and being outnumbered in Jefferson City
    “I’ve been able to work with Republicans, especially with my background of being able to work with the people of this county, which are primarily Republican. They are a good group of conservative Republicans, and so I’ve been able to work with them more than 16 years. I don’t think I’ll have a problem on the state level of being able to work with both sides and being able to get some things done for the good of the state and for the good of the local economy,” Page said.
    Diane Franklin (R)
    • Background in tourism and small business
    “I understand and agree with most folks that the fiscal and social conservatism is the better way forward for our area and our state; it’s the key in fact,” Franklin said.
    • On state issues with local impact
    “I think income is the most pressing issue at the Lake of the Ozarks and in the state of Missouri. We have our tourism businesses that have suffered some from the water quality, they have also suffered some from the economy, and they are always wanting to upgrade and expand their facilities to attract tourists,” Franklin said.
    Page 2 of 3 - Franklin said the income of the individual produces challenges for the income of the state government.
    “Here at the Lake of the Ozarks, our light-manufacturing jobs are leaving, our individuals work paycheck to paycheck. The idea of having the security of a job is becoming more difficult.”
    Franklin suggested state tax reform.
    “We are taxed enough already. We are regulated enough already. We have to visit the tax code. We have to keep dollars in Missouri by those folks that are residents of other states but yet work here or do business here. We have to find a way to capture those dollars that leak out of the state,” Franklin said.
    • On her background and involvement
    “We have a farm. If you have a farm, you know that you just make enough to pay the taxes, the insurance, and the repairs, and you just hang on to your property. I was also elected to the Camdenton R-III School Board for two terms. I understand public education. I also understand being responsive and responsible to constituents. Also, I have legislative experience working with Dr. (Wayne) Cooper (current state representative for the 155th House district),” Franklin said.
    According to the Missouri Ethics Commission, Rep. Cooper (R-Camdenton) serves as treasurer of Franklin’s campaign finance committee. Cooper served eight years in the Missouri House and cannot seek reelection due to term limits.
    Bernie Mowinski (R)
    • Retired from the U.S. Army
    “I have one purpose and only one purpose, and that’s to serve you, you, and you. And that’s exactly what I intend to do. I’m not going to be one of these politicians that has an agenda or influenced by any lobbyist,” Mowinski said.
    • On Lake of the Ozarks’ pressing issue
    “We need to talk about the E. coli, clean up the reputation on the Lake. We need to do something about tourism to re-educate those people to come back down to the Lake of the Ozarks. That’s where we’ve been suffering,” Mowinski said.
    Mowinski expressed his desire for the tourism industry to recover after a rough summer in 2009.
    “We are a tourist-based economy. We have to come back with good PR for the Lake. I’d like to see all five chambers of commerce, including Eldon and Versailles, work as one unit and maybe have one president of those five organizations for a term of office to support tourism for the Lake,” Mowinski said.
    • On priorities other than budget
    “In 1997, Camden County became a first-class county and they were authorized a regional transportation authority. I make you one promise when I am in office and only one promise — you are going to get affordable bus transportation in the tri-county area,” Mowinski said.
    Page 3 of 3 - • On campaign promises
    “My predecessor (Rep. Wayne Cooper), a doctor, sponsored or co-signed more than 600 medical bills. Most of this legislation was self-serving for the benefit of doctors and hospitals. The definition of the word ‘representative’ — I shall act on your behalf, I shall speak for you, I shall serve you. I will never presume that I know what’s best for you. I have no agenda, no alliance to any special interest group, and I will not be influenced by any lobbyist,” Mowinski said.
    Joe Roeger (R)
    • CPA, owner of a title agency
    “We need the best conservative advocate at all levels of government to make the hard decisions, to say ‘no’ to bigger government,” Roeger said.
    • On local concerns
    “Water quality testing and the reporting thereof is a complex issue. Sound testing regimens that are consistent and appropriate with the public reporting process need to be developed. (...) We learned that there is much more to E. coli testing than you might think. And the reporting of those test results actually are somewhat suspect and, in fact, they vary from state to state as I found out from the Department of Natural Resources public relations director,” Roeger said. “We have to come together to develop effective solutions to the water quality (issue). I believe that the most effective solutions are at the local level.”
    • On priorities other than the budget
    “The representative will have to take an active role in water quality testing at the Lake of the Ozarks. Additionally, serious constitutional questions regarding state rights, limited federal authority under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution and the supremacy provisions of Article 6 of the Constitution could dominate discussion next year. And on that note, I hope everybody understands Proposition C on the ballot August 3. Missouri is the first state in the nation to place a question of validity of the federally mandated health care coverage before the people. I encourage everyone to vote ‘yes’ on Prop C.
    • On his past service to the community
    “We have accomplished a number of good things in the community: the oncology center at Lake Regional Hospital, the rehabilitation of Wilmore Lodge through the chamber, and of course the Community Bridge, the first transportation corporation in the state of Missouri. Now, I seek to take my public service to the next level,” Roeger said.
    • On his campaign slogan, “the conservative choice”
    “My conservative values are firmly grounded in the same foundational beliefs of our Founding Fathers, the validities of holy scripture, and the wisdom of the Constitution. I am your conservative choice for state representative,” Roeger said.
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