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  • Double Homicide

  • Law enforcement agents are investigating a double homicide at a mobile home park off of Highway 42 just outside of Osage Beach.

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  • Kaiser, Mo. -- A shooting in Miller County leaves two people dead. Law enforcement agents are investigating a double homicide at a mobile home park off of Highway 42 just outside of Osage Beach.
    "We are working an investigation over there," Capt. Jim Wilson of the Miller County Sheriff's Department confirmed on Tuesday morning.
    The sheriff's department expects to make more information on the case available on Tuesday afternoon.
    A 911 call late Monday night came in to the Osage Beach Police Department. Osage Beach officers initially responded to reports of a shooting, but the homicide investigation falls under the Miller County Sheriff's Department's jurisdiction.
    UPDATE (10:10 a.m.): Tammy Walden, Chief Juvenile Officer of the 26th Judicial Circuit, confirms that the court has a 12-year-old male in custody in connection with the double homicide.
    The 12-year-old allegedly shot two adults at a home in Kaiser at approximately 11 p.m. on July 5. The juvenile is being held in secure detention and awaits a detention hearing under the rules of the Missouri Juvenile Code.
    According to the Missouri Bar, the juvenile suspect will have a hearing within three days, at which point the juvenile court will decide on the proceedings for trial. According to Section 211.071 RSMo 2004, a juvenile between the age of 12 and 17 may be tried in adult court if they are accused of committing a serious offense.
    The juvenile court will consider several factors in determining the boy's trial path:
    -viciousness or violent nature of the offense
    -whether or not the offense is part of a pattern of offenses that would make the child "beyond rehabilitation" under the Juvenile Code
    -the boy's prior record, if any
    -treatment programs available
    The juvenile court will not determine the boy's guilt or innocence. Its only determination at this stage will be whether or not to waive its jurisdiction on the case. If the court waives its jurisdiction, then the Miller County prosecutor will decide on charges to pursue in an adult court. If the juvenile court does not waive its jurisdiction, it will go ahead with its procedures under the Juvenile Code.
    UPDATE (4:38 p.m.) On Tuesday afternoon, the Juvenile Division received a petition stating that the 12-year-old committed two acts that would be considered first degree murder if committed by an adult. Additional charges are possible.
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