Collegiate athletics are teetering on complete conference realignment. Did the Missouri make the right decision reconfirming its commitment to the Big 12 ?

Collegiate athletics are teetering on complete conference realignment. Did the Missouri make the right decision reconfirming its commitment to the Big 12 ?

Mizzou grad: Big 12 wasn’t broke
As a graduate from the University of Missouri, at Columbia, I still live in  the world of the "Big Eight".
 I mention this to not only express myself as  a proud and loyal alumnus, but to rely on the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  
I believe that if MU publicized, as they did, that they were  considering a move to another conference they should have also publicized  what was "broke" that caused them to consider such a move, i.e. what would  be the benefits that we did not have in the "Big 12".
Larry Magill, Class of 64

Mizzou showed  Midwest loyalty
I view the Tigers from a Cyclone's perspective and I applaud the decision to remain loyal to the Big 12. 
The name of the game is often about "money" even though academics should be a university's primary focus.
The University of Missouri has shown a regional loyalty by it's decision. We of the Midwest tend to be loyal to our region.
When Mizzou plays against other Midwest teams our proprietary rivalries are whetted and we savor the Saturday experiences.
The annual Bowl events are interesting but the fun times are really the regional rivalries.
The Mizzou Regents have done great service to their loyal alums, alum wannabe's and their respectful opponents.
Hal Anway, Lake Ozark

Not over: Money will trump loyalty
As I understand it, Missouri was rumored as a candidate for Big Ten membership along with Nebraska. Nebraska was offered a place in conference and Missouri was not, and they (Cornhuskers) accepted.
The next rumor was that Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State were all going to the Pac 10 to join Colorado, who was offered a position in the Pac 10 and accepted.
The bottom line is that Missouri was not offered membership in the Big 10 or the Pac 10 at any time.
If the Big 12 folds (and it looks like it will survive in the short term), Missouri, Kansas, K-State, Iowa State, Baylor and Missouri would have not been affiliated with any conference.
Missouri and the other schools had no other option but to hope that Big 12 would stay together (minus Nebraska and Colorado).
It appears that if Texas A&M does not get a Southeast Conference bid (which has not been offered), they will remain in what would now be a 10 team conference. Five schools in the Northern Division and five in the South.
How long will this last? Stay tuned boys and girls. This is not over yet.
Money, not loyalties, will win out in the long run. It always does!
Carl Hubbell, Linn Creek

Would have liked to see them in Big 10
Had Missouri received a formal invitation to join the Big 10, it is likely they would have accepted it. 
However, given the circumstances (no formal invite), Missouri did the next best thing:  recommit to the Big 12. 
It's all about money and it sounds like the TV pot was sweetened by the Big 12.
Personally, I would have liked to see Missouri go to the Big Ten. There are some great natural rivalries with Iowa and Illinois. 
It would also have meant a larger amount in revenue sharing for Missouri. Kansas would have been a nice addition as well. But those are choices that may be made at a later date.
David Creel, Four Seasons

Tiger fan proud of Big 12’s legacy
I think that the University of Missouri made the right decision to stay in the Big 12 Conference.  
Collegiate conferences are traditionally set up on a regional basis to encourage rivalries, cut down on travel expenses, and promote competition for the best high school recruits from that geographic area.  
Missouri will still be able to maintain it's long standing rivalries with Kansas and Kansas State.  
Over the last few years, the Big 12 has produced a football national champion in Texas and two Heisman Trophy winners in Vince Young from Texas and Sam Bradford from Oklahoma.
Missouri has done a wonderful job of building up it's program to play inspired exciting, football and earn the right to go to bowl games.
Did I fail to mention that Coach Mike Anderson led the basketball Tigers to the final eight in the big dance in March of 2009?
The Big 12 is one of the finest men's basketball conferences in the country.  I lost count of how many of them went to post-season tournaments this year.
Mizzou will do just fine remaining in the Big 12.
James R. Hall, Camdenton