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  • Lake View: What tea party?

  • The name TEA ((Taxed Enough Already) is a play on the TEA PARTY slogan.

    The “God Fearing Christian Sermons” preached in the small town gymnasium shocked me.

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  • I attended the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT RALLY in Camdenton Missouri on Saturday April 24, 2010.
    I listened carefully to every word resonating from the microphone on that stage and I am ANGRY!
    I DID NOT ATTEND A NATIONAL TEA PARTY MOVEMENT. THE “REAL” ORIGINAL TEA PARTY MOVEMENT emerged in 2009 in response to the 2008 bailouts and the 2009 stimulus package. The TEA PARTY MOVEMENT IS supposed to be about anti-stimulus, anti-deficit, and anti-bailout.
    The name TEA ((Taxed Enough Already) is a play on the TEA PARTY slogan.
    The “God Fearing Christian Sermons” preached in the small town gymnasium shocked me. Had I mistakenly entered into a rural Christian church thinking I was at the TEA PARTY? I wanted to hear about taxes and bailouts not about how a Christian God feels about homosexuals or a woman’s right to choose.
    How arrogant AND close minded can “Christian” people be, who believe that THEIR WAY is the ONLY WAY or THEIR CHRISTIAN GOD will get me if I do not do what their GOD says. How can the “PEOPLE” of THE CAMDENTON MISSOURI TEA PARTY MOVEMENT honestly believe that their “Christian God” is the choice of WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS NOT a country made up of only “White Christian Folk”. Civil rights means freedom for ALL the people of the USA to believe and practice their own individual civil rights and religions. It is not about one belief, one culture, or one God.
    A young speaker at the TEA PARTY even brought up the fact that the government of the USA should never have passed the Hate Crimes Bill. Now that is the perfect example of CODE SPEAK and DOG WHISTLING. The Hate Crimes Bill protects people who are different from “straight white Christian people”. Another speaker spoke of “state rights” a code speak for institutionalized segregation and racism.The Hate Crimes Bill was written to protect people’s civil rights who choose to live outside the “White” Republican God fearing doctrine. CIVIL RIGHTS means freedom of choice without threat or fear.....from a person or group who believes their way is the ONE and only way..Hence the HATE CRIMES BILL..
    I left the TEA PARTY with a sick feeling in my stomach...I reflected back to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even now.....Thoughts of the rural “white” Christian towns of America who thought their way was the only way and other races and differences were just.......simply... not accepted! I had just witnessed “Code Speak” and “Dog Whistling”......alive and well in Camdenton Missouri in the year 2010.
    Page 2 of 2 - I had a Flashback to 1968 and the “Southern Strategy” by Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan and the “Devolution Revolution” also called the “New Federalism” targeting minorities. This was CODE SPEAK then as much as it is now. The speakers on the stage in Camdenton Missouri praised Ronald Reagan, never mentioning the vast amount of prejudice, greed and wealth under the Reagan administration that continues today and is one of the reasons the TEA PARTY had to be formed.
    The point of all of the racist “strategies” was to make small town rural white Republicans believe that all “blacks” were simply bad by telling lies. The speakers used fear when discussing homosexuals, abortions, political parties, God and President Obama.
    NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED IN RURAL WHITE AMERICA!...The belief that one party, one religion, one ethnicity, one state, one whatever....... is the only way ........is frankly ignorant, racist and unacceptable in the United States of America in the year 2010
    I am not saying that all of small town rural White Christian Americans are racist. But for the ones who are, whites are not superior over any other race, men are not superior over women, women have their own minds and bodies and can make choices, children have rights, animals have rights, the planet earth has rights, and we have the right to worship a higher power or not worship anything or anybody. .
    White Christian Americans cannot make an argument on both sides of the fence.
    For example, picketing that the government cannot jam health care down their throats, but then jamming God down ours.
    We are all human beings on planet earth. (Can you even believe that one of the speakers in the TEA PARTY in Camdenton made fun of being “green” and taking care of planet earth)?
    The truth is without the earth, world peace and love, we as a human race, will not survive.
    My higher power does not preach hate or prejudice.
    Deborah Webster, Richland
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