Alderman Kevin Rucker filed to run against County Clerk Rowland Todd last week

An Osage Beach alderman who has thrown his hat in the ring for a county seat can continue to serve the city while campaigning but would have to resign if elected.
Late last week Alderman Kevin Rucker filed to run for Camden County Clerk. The position is currently held by County Clerk Rowland Todd.
The clerk is responsible for all elections and is the official record keeper for the county.
Todd and Rucker are both Republicans. They will face-off in the August primary elections.
According to state statutes, Rucker does not have to give up his alderman’s position unless elected. If that happens, he would be forced off the board and an appointment would have to be made to fill his seat.
Rucker is running opposed in the upcoming April 6 municipal election.
Rucker is at the end of his first term on the board. He is the former chief of the Osage Beach Fire Protection District.
Filing for county-wide office ends Tuesday.