Mayor casts deciding vote to force second reading of effort to repeal ordinance

The mayor ended up casting the deciding vote on a controversial ordinance.
Eldon Mayor Ron Bly cast the deciding vote to send the measure to a second reading at the next meeting of the board scheduled tentatively for April 6.
“I am going to vote yes on this measure so we can give the citizens of Eldon a chance to show up at the next meeting and voice their opinions,” Bly said. “This does not however, guarantee that I will vote this way on this bill at the next meeting.”
The Eldon Board of Aldermen split 3-3 on a measure that would repeal an ordinance that allows the city to charge a fee of $31.75 on every meter connected to the city’s sewer system, during its regular meeting Tuesday, March 23.
The proposed bill, which was sponsored by Second Ward Alderman Roy Herren is in response to a petition presented to the board during the March 4 meeting, calling for the recall of the ordinance.
 During the March 4 meeting, Eldon resident and landlord George Hardcastle presented the city with a petition to recall city ordinance # 2152.
 Herren said he introduced the bill because he believed that’s what his constituents want.
“Last time I checked, we were supposed to be voting the will of our constituents,” Herren said. “There are too many people in government who act and vote like they think they know better than the people they represent. I believe we voted this in, over the objections of the citizens and I don’t think that’s right. I have heard that there are people out there in favor of this ordinance, but the only ones we ever hear from are the ones against it.”
Aldermen Herren, Jack Owens and Chris Scott voted for the measure, while Aldermen Greg Sullens, Bill Weidinger and Tim Bradley voted against the proposed repeal measure.
Alderman Sullens said that it wouldn’t be fair to the citizens of Eldon if the ordinance is reversed.
“This just doesn’t make sense,” Sullens said. “Twenty-six percent of all the property in Eldon is rental property, and half of that is vacant. That means that only 13 percent of the property owners in the city have to worry about this charge. If we repeal this ordinance, 87 percent of the citizens of Eldon will see increases in their sewer bills.”
The issue will be back on the agenda April 6 for a second reading.