Area police receive reports of victims sending money to relatives believing them to be incarcerated

Area police departments have received reports where victims have sent money to relatives believing them to be incarcerated.
Recently in Osage Beach a woman was contacted by a male subject claiming to be her grandson.  The male stated that he was in jail in Canada and needed $2,300 to bond out.   The victim went to a grocery store in Camdenton and obtained a money order which was to be sent to the address specified by the male caller.
Shortly after requesting that the money order be sent, the victim learned that her grandson was not incarcerated. In some of the other reported cases the caller fraudulently purported himself / herself to be a jailer or a police officer who was calling on behalf of the incarcerated relative.
It is easy to confirm whether or not someone is in jail. Don’t take the caller’s word for it and don’t trust the telephone number and address given by the caller.  This will take some investigation on your part or contact your local police department immediately to assist you.  If you do choose to contact your local police department, you will need to provide them with the information that was given to you. 
This may mean taking copious notes when you receive the call.