Darrell Taylor's fishing report for Lake of the Ozarks.

The lake level was 658.6 (660 is normal pool level), with heavy generation scheduled the lake should hole at 658.8 through the weekend. The annual winter drawdown is in progress. Surface temperature at the dam is 37 degrees with upstream temperatures of 30 to 34 degrees. Most of the ice has melted except some shallow areas in the very backs of coves. Cold weather the end of this week may re-freeze some of the coves. Boaters should exercise extreme caution both at the ramp and on the water. Truman Lake is three feet over pool. Use the fishing report as a guideline only since there is no input from the past week.
BLACK BASS – No tournaments were scheduled last weekend.  Lower Osage: Fair, try small Eakins’ jigs and jerkbaits like Smithwick’s Rogue or swimbaits like Sebile’s Sinking Magic Swimmer (fish it like a jerkbait).  Glaize Arm: Fair; try jerkbaits and jigs around main lake docks.  Mid-Lake: Fair to good, try jigs and jerkbaits shallow on sunny days.  Niangua Arm: Fair, try shaky heads, jigs and jerkbaits around main arm docks.  Gravois Arm: Fair to good, try small Brush Hogs on shaky head jigs.  Upper Osage: Fair on Northland Slurpies rigged shaky head style.  Osage 60 MM: Fair to good on sunny chunk rock banks, try small jigs or jerkbaits.
CRAPPIE - The first ever Super Slab Series tournament will be held this weekend at the lake. Call 573/374-2278 for information. – Lower Osage: The first ever Super Slab Series (crappie) tournament will be held this weekend at the lake. Call 573/374-2278 for information. Fair on Garland’s Blue Ice jigs in and around main lake docks.  Glaize Arm: Fair, try minnows or jigs 8 to 12-feet deep around docks.  Mid-Lake: Good, try jigs 4- to 8-feet deep around main lake docks.  Niangua Arm: Fair but many fish are undersize. Try jigs, Blakemore Road Runners or minnows.  Gravois Arm: Fair, try minnows or Road Runners 8 to 12-feet deep around docks.  Upper Osage: Fair, try Roadrunners over brush; some fish are small.  Osage 60 MM: Good; try 1/16-ounce pink or chartreuse jigs in dock wells on main lake points.  Truman Tailwater: Fair on sunny days with minnows, most fish are small.     
WHITE AND HYBRID BASS –No reported fish. 
CATFISH –  Lower Osage: Good on nightcrawlers.  Glaize Arm: Good on nightcrawlers and chicken entrails.  Mid-Lake: Fair on rod-and-reel using cut shad and nightcrawlers.  Niangua Arm: Fair on trotline with cut shad and nightcrawlers.  Gravois Arm: Fair on cut shad.  Upper Osage: Fair on rod-and-reel or trotline using cut shad or nightcrawlers. Osage 60 MM: Good on traditional baits drift-fished on main lake flats. Truman Tailwater: Fair on ‘perch’.
BLUEGILL – Poor, try around docks using nightcrawler pieces, Berkley’s Gulp Earthworm or pieces of Gulp! Alive! Minnows.   
NOTE: The Lower Osage is from the dam to the 22-mile mark; Mid-Lake is between the 22 and 38-mile marks; the Upper Osage is between the 38 and 55-mile marks; the Osage 60 MM is between the 55-mile mark and the 89-mile mark; and the 89 MM is between the 89 MM and the Rt. 65 Bridge.
UPDATES – Bagnell Dam – Riverview, closed till 3/1/10 (573-365-1122); Lower Osage – Mike Foree @ Osage Beach Bait & Tackle (573-348-9333); Glaize Arm – Mike Foree; Midlake – John Blankenbeker (573-280-1455); Niangua Arm – Darrell Taylor; Upper Osage – Guide Wayne Clemons (573-345-0123); Little Niangua River – Greenmill Campground – closed until 4/1/09, (573-363-5577); Osage 60 MM – Osage Tackle Co. (www.superslabseries.com), (573-374-2278); Truman Dam – The Station Bait & Tackle (660-438-7664); Tourney Results – www724outdoors.com; Lake Level (573-365-9205).
Fishing times
    A. M.    P. M.
    Minor    Major    Minor    Major
29***    3:55    10:10    4:25    10:40
30***    4:53    11:08    5:22    11:36
31**    5:52    —    6:19    12:05
1*    6:50    12:37    7:15    1:02
2    7:47    1:34    8:12    1:59
3    8:43    2:31    9:08    2:56
4    9:39    3:26    10:04    3:51
5    10:32    4:19    10:58    4:45
6    11:24    5:11    11:50    5:37
7    —    6:01    12:14    6:27
8    12:36    6:49    1:02    7:15
9    1:23    7:36    1:48    8:01
10    2:08    8:20    2:32    8:45
11*    2:52    9:03    3:15    9:27
Day ratings for fish activity
*Good, **Better, ***Best
— Compiled by Darrell Taylor