Drafting class at the high school will be involved in the designing portion of the project

The Eldon School Board voted to accept a $75,685 bid from local construction company Curtis Manes Schulte during the regular meeting Thursday, Jan. 21, at the Board Office.
The bid is for work to be done on the old gymnasium building located on the Eldon High School campus. Curtis Manes Schulte Construction Company was the lowest bidder in a field of 14 bidders, whose bids ranged from the winning bid $75,685, to $284, 424.
The district has $425,000 budgeted this year for renovations to the high school campus, and this project will be part of that renovation plan. The drafting class at the high school will be involved in the designing portion of the project.
In other action taken by the Board, an amended budget was presented and accepted during the meeting. Board Treasurer Sarah Rader reported that sales tax collections are down by 19,69 percent, or $156,957 and as of Dec., 2009, the district was at 34 percent of the budget for revenue, and at 44 percent of expenditures.
In a typical year, the district would be at 36 percent of revenue and 44 percent of revenue. The two percent drop in revenue is reflective of the decrease in tax revenue flowing into the district.
Rader, explained how the budget works and why it was changed.
“The school budget is an instrument which provides a definite financial policy for the direction of business operations of a school district,” she said. “It is not a static document, but rather a working document that changes throughout the year by means of board approved budget amendments.
She went on to say that Eldon’s budget was approved on June 26, 2009, but at that time, the district had not received the final assessed valuation numbers for county assessors, the tax levy had not been set, the state had not released all of the Stimulus funds, federal budgets were not set and educations steps were not set until Sept. 1, 2009. Thus the need to make mid-year adjustments.
Recently, the district received $1,084,958 in stimulus funds which allowed it to make up for the decrease in sales tax revenue, and actually increase the revenue budget by $782,693. The expenditure budget was also increased by $954,117, which came from stimulus funds as well.
Also during the meeting, the Board voted to extend Superintendent Matt Davis’s contract by one year, which will extend his contract until June 30, 2013. Davis will remain at his current salary, but the district will have an option to increase his salary by up to five percent each year of the contract.
The Board also accepted the resignations of David Herren as varsity volleyball coach; Cheryl Combs; Randy Schurich and Elaine Kempker. The Board also voted to increase the district’s tuition rate to $6,000 for sending students and to $8,300 for non-resident students.
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