Here's a brief recap of Tuesday night's Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen meeting.

Here's a brief recap of Tuesday night's Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen meeting:

• A recent attempt to impeach Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos brought a flood of residents to City Hall Tuesday night in support of the mayor. Several citizens spoke out against the impeachment questioning the motivations behind the charges.

• Alderwoman Susan Drummond's attempt to bring forth a resolution to continue the impeachment proceedings was stalled after Interim City Attorney Roger Gibbons told the board it was his job, according to municipal codes, to draft ordinances and resolutions. Since he had not drafted the resolution Drummond had asked to be put on the agenda, the resolution could not be discussed during the meeting. Drummond made the motion to have Gibbons draft a resolution so the impeachment could continue. No vote was taken on the issue.

• Jeff Schug with McClure Engineering gave a presentation about the results from the water and sewer rate study the company is close to completing. According to the results, if nothing is done, the city will deplete its cash reserves in the next coming years. Schug proposed several options including a utility rate increase. Aldermen asked about other as well including a sales tax increase and adding on additional customers to the system. A sales tax increase would have to go to the voters at a risk of it being turned down and the city back where it started. Adding on new utility customers would not be cost-effective to cover the increased costs of expanding the system and making the required improvements, Schug explained.


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Editor's Note: The original version of this story contained false information and has since been revised. While Alderwoman Susan Drummond did make a motion for City Attorney Roger Gibbons to draft a resolution to continue the impeachment proceedings, no vote was taken on the matter. Because no vote was taken, it is considered a dead issue.
We apologize for the incorrect information.