Jaxon is coming home.

Early Monday evening, his mom, Teresa Sexe posted a message on the “Support and Love for Jaxon Downen” Facebook page which broke the news to those who've been following Jaxon's story.

Jaxon is coming home.

Early Monday evening, his mom, Teresa Sexe posted this message on the “Support and Love for Jaxon Downen” Facebook page:

“So, Here’s the newest news. We are planning for discharge tomorrow after chemotherapy! Jax is so excited! We all are and a little nervous too. We have alot of adjusting to do but I hear it will soon be routine for us. You all are so awesome and uplifting! Next plan is weekly chemo and then see what bone marrow and... spinal reveals on February 9th and just take it as it comes. He is doing very well. Eating like crazy, weird stuff! Nausea isnt too bad, headaches are better. We will be working on physical therapy to get his strength back and make a routine for ourselves. Please keep those prayers and words of inspiration coming! I can not express how comforting it is when there are so many unknowns facing us. We love you all.”

After spending close to three weeks at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, 13-year old Jaxon Downen is coming home.

Jaxon was diagnosed earlier this month with ALL, a type of leukemia, and started receiving chemotherapy through a port surgically inserted in his chest.

His progress, results from dozens of tests, photos of his latest visitor, even his new haircut, have all been documented through the “Support and Love for Jaxon Downen” Facebook page.

Jessica Greim, a classmate of Jaxon’s at Camdenton Middle School, started the group in hopes of showing Jaxon how many people were out there missing him and wished him better while he received treatment.

She originally thought about 250 people would join, about the number of friends she has on Facebook. Less than a week after she started the group, more than 1,600 people were reaching out to Jaxon offering words of prayer, advice and encouragement.

That number has since doubled and still continues to grow, as does word of the Facebook page.

The Associated Press picked up the story last weekend.

Teresa’s exciting news Monday night of Jaxon’s discharge reached more than 3,300 people.

Almost immediately, the thumbs-up of approval started popping up on the message and people started commenting on the great news.

Jaxon’s story isn’t finished when he returns home, however.

He’s been put on a 3-year treatment plan for his cancer. Which, at least for now, means his port will have to stay for weekly chemotherapy sessions. There are also several more surgeries expected in the coming years.

The family is focusing on celebrating the small victories right now.

“So excited i get to go home after chemo tomorrow!!!” Jaxon posted on his personal Facebook page.